[Difference between mandarin tea and small green mandarin]_Difference_Features

[Difference between mandarin tea and small green mandarin]_Difference_Features

Mandarin tea and Xiaoqing mandarin are two different tea products. There is a certain difference between them. Xiaoqing mandarin tastes very fresh and fresh, and has a sweet and refreshing feeling. It has been welcomed by many people in recent years.

There is a certain difference in the production of raw materials between mandarin tea and small green mandarin. In addition, there can be some judgments on the size and appearance.

There is also a certain difference in brewing. Xiaoqing orange is a bubble.

The difference between mandarin tea and small green mandarin 1. The difference in raw materials: small green mandarin is an immature mandarin, and most mandarin tea is made of big red mandarin, namely red mandarin.

Red mandarins will be sweet.

Green oranges are a little bit astringent, and red oranges are a bit sweet.

The green peel is called green peel. It is usually picked in October every year. The skin is thin, dark in color, mild in nature, hard and fragrant, spicy and bitter, and storage-resistant.The mandarin peel peeled from red mandarin is called two-red peel. Generally, it is picked in November each year. The skin is slightly thicker, he green is red, a small amount of soft and hard, mild in nature, spicy and bitter, and resistant to storage.

2. Composition difference: The content of “small green mandarin” aroma oil is higher than that of big mandarin, and the mandarin flavor is strong. From the point of view of medicine, green mandarin is also stronger than red mandarin. The older the medicine, the better.

Orange peel contains high content, polysaccharide content, hard, thin skin, bitter taste, aroma and resistance to the above characteristics; small green mandarin peel contains flavanone, which has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, anti-HIV, Anti-mutagenic, antioxidant and other biological pharmacological activities.

3, the size difference: when it comes to big red mandarins and small green mandarins, we generally see this.

You said that the packaging was not opened and I didn’t see it clearly, so I will give you a close-up of the naked fruit: 4, appearance difference: you can see the appearance of the small green mandarin green brown, and the red mandarin orange red, the color will become timeAfter aging and gradual deepening, in fact, after looking at the appearance, everyone still pays attention to the material in the citrus fruit. After that, the raw materials of citrus tea are different from the citrus peel and the cooked tea.

5, brewing differences: and the above are all visible balance, so what will be different?

If you want to drink, you have to brew it. The brewing of the small green mandarin is very simple. You just need to throw it one by one and throw it directly into the brewing device.

The brewing of a small green tangerine and a red tangerine is a bit more complicated, because the portion is relatively large, so you have to take tea as needed, control the amount of tea according to personal taste and taste, and pay attention to the citrus peel and tea.Matching yo.