Elderly fitness seven rings

Elderly fitness seven rings


If you are anxious to seek the elderly who are just starting to exercise, do not prevent gradually increasing the amount of exercise. Exercise at least 3 times a week, not more than 20 minutes each time. You can gradually increase the number of exercises and the time of each exercise, and persevere.


It is best not to exercise alone to ensure the safety of elderly people, especially those with cardiovascular disease.


Excessive seconds of sports sprint, long-distance swimming, due to excessive consumption of physical fitness, the elderly are not suitable.

High jump, long jump, aerobics and other projects can easily cause fractures in the elderly with loose bones.


Most of the elderly who participate in sports are slow to respond, and bad weather may cause various accidents, especially high temperatures, cold weather, windy, rainy, snowy, etc.


It is forbidden to engage in only one proposed exercise, such as holding a certain exercise for many years. The interest may be greatly reduced. It does not hinder the selection of several projects for self-study, which not only increases the interest of exercise but also the benefits of the body.


Do not prepare for the elderly before the exercise, supplement the preparation activities, such as bending over the knees, loose muscles, do deep breathing and so on.


Except for wearing leather shoes, some elderly people think that the amount of exercise is small, and they wear shoes to exercise in a “smoothly” way. The same way, they don’t know that the old man’s foot is already sick, and he is easily injured when exercising.