Is it enough to wash your face without makeup?


Is it enough to wash your face without makeup?

From all aspects of skin care advice, Lianzhu besieged us, but what is the best way to skin care?

The editor specially interviewed the experts of the beauty department of the Air Force General Hospital. Let the professionals correct the mistakes for us!


hzh {display: none; }  1.If you do n’t use makeup, just clean the skin with water. Air Force General Hospital comment: Water can make the skin fresh and moisturized, but it ca n’t clean the skin.Play to remove them.


Regularly going to a beauty salon to do skin care can improve the health of the skin. Expert opinion: Facial care promotes circulation, removes impurities from the skin, relaxes you and gets psychological satisfaction.

It would be wrong if you thought that the skin would have a significant effect.


Anti-wrinkle cream can remove wrinkles. Expert comments: What they can really do is nourish the skin, thereby reducing aging marks and preventing dryness and sun exposure.

No matter how succinct they are, they cannot make the process of aging backward.

In order to remove wrinkles, you also need to use real medical methods, such as electric wave peeling, injection filling and wrinkle removal, surgical wrinkle removal, and so on.


The skin is always not clean enough Expert comment: Many people think that the more you scrub, the hotter the water, the better the skin will be.

In fact, the result is blood spots, erythema, and some skin becomes dry and sensitive.


Exfoliation of skin indicates expert opinion on dry skin: Excessive cleaning or use of shrinkage repair water for people with oily skin will cause the surface of the skin to dry out and appear to be exfoliated.

However, regardless of your skin type, scaling along the hairline may be dermatitis, and scaling around the nose may be eczema.

If your skin continues to be dry and desquamated, you should see your doctor.