How to eat red dates skull from A cup to D cup

How to eat red dates skull from A cup to D cup

Women want to have an S-shaped figure, and they are always dissatisfied with their own points. In partial shaping, the perfect figure has always been the topic of women. How to have a perfect figure?

Peanuts + Dasao help you surge in black hair!

Come and see it.

  First: eat raw peanuts and buy raw peanuts (must be raw, it is best to be fresh that year, do not eat fried or salted, it will be fat), eat 10-20 capsules every 2 hours,If you eat it carefully, you should chew it until it is very crushed and crumbled, and you can add oil and vitamin B2.

The stomach discomfort is caused by the reaction to the red shirt. You can peel the red shirt and eat it to ensure that the stomach will no longer be uncomfortable.

  Second: drink red date tea to prepare some jujube, American ginseng, and safflower (a little) soak a cup of water a day, drink only water, not sugar.

You can regulate qi and blood, pass through the meridians, and your menstruation will be smooth, and you can lift your qi, but you will not feel tired and lose your spirit.

  Third: drink ginger and red jujube water during menstruation. Drink ginger and red jujube water during menstruation (both cook in the pot and put in the refrigerator, and drink a cup each morning). Soak your feet with hot ginger water before going to bed at night.

Now I look rosy and even my nails are pink.

  If you lose weight too quickly, you will lose body nutrition and cause hair loss; while women are prone to anemia and pale, the above recommended method is a good way to nourish blood and qi.

Raw peanuts, red dates, American ginseng, safflower, and ginger are of great help to women’s health. This is not just for weight loss. I feel weak and weak, irregular menstruation and pale MM can tryHowever, the safflower is relatively hot, and the hot MM should be put less.

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