How do dieters eat and not be hungry?


How do dieters eat and not be hungry?

If you can improve the satiety of rice, you can help control the amount of food. Under the reduced food intake, people don’t feel obesity, so they can easily get the weight loss success.

To make people more relaxed, it is necessary to reduce the speed of eating, delay the emptying of the stomach, reduce the speed of digestion, and increase the protein content.

In addition, some of the following eating methods are not easy to be hungry.

銆€銆€Choose 鈥渞ough鈥?ingredients to make rice.

It is expected that black rice, purple rice, and coarse rice of dietary fiber are good choices for delaying digestion.

If you feel that they are more pungent, you can soak them for a night, or cook them in a pressure cooker, then cook them with rice, or cook them directly into a thick porridge, instead of white rice as a staple.

The colored substances on the outer layers of black rice and purple rice are beneficial to delay the rate of digestion.

銆€銆€Add some beans to the rice.

Red beans, peas, soybeans and other beans contain at least a large amount of supplementary fiber, and can also provide rich protein, which greatly improves satiety.

Since the digestion speed of beans is much lower than that of rice and rice porridge, the rice and rice porridge can be significantly increased by the combination of rice and beans 1:1.

銆€銆€Add some glue to the rice.

Oats, barley and other staple foods contain gelatinous substances, which are soluble dietary fiber, which can increase the viscosity of food and delay the digestion speed.

If you cook some rice in the porridge, or add seaweed, saponin and other gelatinous raw materials, you can help the rice become more “satisfying” weight loss staple food.

銆€銆€Add some vegetables to the rice.

Cellulose and plant polysaccharides in vegetables can increase the volume of rice. The large amount of water can change the volume and delay the gastric emptying. Therefore, it does not hinder the addition of some mushrooms, bamboo shoots, enoki mushroom, kelp, bracken, etc. in rice.The fiber vegetables are eaten together, which can enrich the pattern and enhance the feeling of fullness.

銆€銆€Add some vinegar to the rice.

Vinegar has the effect of delaying gastric emptying and reducing the rate of digestion. Therefore, the main food added with vinegar such as seaweed rice balls is beneficial to lose weight.

If you eat white rice, a cold dish with a lot of vinegar can help you achieve the effect.