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5 methodological stars warn Huang Huangpo

Women’s beauty is not infinite. Over time, our skin will become less and less energetic.

How can you give your skin a new life in this cold winter?

Why don’t they come to play with time?

Maybe you can also learn how to be an innocent beauty.

  Carina Lau-Intensive maintenance age reduction method uses a large amount of serum recommended index: ★★★★ Editor’s comment: Essence is an essential product for daily emergency rejuvenation, and it is the most worthwhile item for intensive maintenance. The effect is extremely fast, and the price is very fast.It’s still acceptable for more people. After some first aid, it really works. No wonder Jialing looks very young on any occasion.

  Recommended by Shiseido: The rich essence supplements the skin’s source of moisture, diminishes the signs of premature aging, and restores skin’s smoothness and elasticity.

Shiseido’s Wonderful Beauty Concentrate contains Shiseido’s superior moisturizing ingredient-Bio-Hyaluronic Acid Essence, which penetrates quickly to provide the skin with the required moisture and improve roughness.

  Li Jiaxin-Health Maintenance Age Decrease Daily Eye Mask Recommended Index: ★★★ Small Editor’s Comment: The eye skin is most vulnerable to damage in winter. As long as you apply the eye mask for 10 minutes, your eyes will be more radiant.

That’s how Li Meiren’s bright eyes spread.

However, Li Jiaxin of mixed skin type tends to get oil in the T-shaped part, so most of them are moisturizing products.

With eye mask, when the eye skin is dry or staying up all night, just apply it for 10 minutes, and the skin around the eyes will feel more radiant.

  Sisley Instant Firming Eye Mask Set Xiaobian recommends: Sisley Instant Firming Eye Mask Set includes instant tightening eye mask 30ml eye and lip makeup remover 15ml all-round emulsion 5ml eye and lip cream 5ml small S-hot mom age reduction method to remove lip linesImproving the feminine recommendation index: ★★★ Xiaobian comment: To make yourself look younger, moisturizing and plump lips are essential.

First apply lip balm and then use lip gloss in the center for a moisturizing effect.

Lip moisture is easy to evaporate. Even if you don’t make up often, you should always add a lip balm to add moisture and eliminate lip lines.


Plump and hydrated lips can instantly reduce your age by 3 years.

  Elizabeth Arden Life Lip Balm Editor’s Recommendation: Elizabeth Arden Life Lip Balm is the first skin-care lipstick containing triple molecular nail technology, ceramide ternary complex triple molecular nail complex with Tahitian Garden flower extract Tahitian tinctureSeed flower essence brings moisturizing and comfortable use feeling. Arden’s patented ingredient Maxi-Lip?

Lip-rich polysaccharides make lips more plump and plump, and restore the elastic curve of young lips.

  Zhang Ziyi-natural maintenance age reduction method trusts the pure natural recommendation index: ★ ★ ★ ★ Xiao Bian Comments: Maintenance should be early, the choice is very important, natural skin care has always been hot.

When it comes to anti-aging, Zhang Ziyi’s first choice is all natural, no added cosmetics, and she believes that “maintenance should be made early.

She said that before, the makeup artist told her that human skin began to age from the twenties, and skin care should start at this age, and she kept it in her heart.

  Editor’s Choice Pure Natural BB Curd Editor’s Recommendation: 婵 Real Pure Natural BB Curd has patented SP-VC Nanosome (patented) application, Charmzone No.

0528387 Skinade’s natural and unique ability to remedy skin defects and imperfections is enhanced.

B coagulation combines skin barrier, anti-oxidation, bacteriostasis, UV protection, moisturizing, and hydrating functions.

This product gives you a vitality and natural makeup effect, adding skin oil, control, light, color repair functions.

  Lin Zhiling-Personalized Age Decreasing Cold Lotion Face Recommendation Index: ★★★★ Small Editor’s Comment: Lotion has a calming effect on the skin and can help shrink pores.

Every day, no matter how busy and tired, you will take a bath. At this time, you can use the steam from the bath to apply your face, or use the lotion in the refrigerator after bathing.

Lin Meiren said that the lotion has a calming effect on the skin, and moderate cooling can help shrink pores. This is how the smooth apple muscle is developed.

  Green World Native Cactus Live Source Moisturizing Lotion Editor’s Comment: Green World Native Cactus Live Source Moisturizing Lotion is based on the triple moisturizing mechanism of natural plant extracts with Hainan native cactus as the core, which keeps skin healthy, moisturized, and moisturized.

Cactus, aloe, and trehalose natural plant extracts penetrate deeply into the skin layer, quickly replenish excess moisture, soften the cuticle, and help subsequent skin care products to absorb better.