Get a SPA for your skin on the weekends


Get a SPA for your skin on the weekends

The holiday is over and the trip returns.

  Feeling overwhelmed and want to rest a few more days?

  This is not that we want to be lazy. This is a normal physiological reaction.

  Therefore, in addition to the “unnecessary” work, try to give yourself as much rest as possible, especially for the skin SPA.

  Relaxing and relaxing “spring sleep do not know”, spring is always a lazy and sleepy season.

And Yoyo “5.

1 “long holiday, we” strike hard “to travel on vacation, good mountains and rivers, let us linger, and temporarily put aside the sleepiness of the body.

In fact, the overdraft is not only the physical strength of our mountaineering and wading, but also because of the changes in the climate of the tourist destination and the environment, making our bodies tired to adapt.

  At the end of the holiday, the feelings of forgetfulness and tranquillity returned to peace, and the fatigue and laziness struck irresistibly.

Therefore, it is best not to “full play” on holiday trips, it is necessary to stay at home for 2 days to rest well.

Otherwise, don’t be too desperate in the first week after work. Give yourself an agreement: don’t work overtime, stay up late, and don’t get too stressed.

When you get home, let them enjoy the tranquility and leisure-do n’t bother with “sit and sit”, hold a cushion, try to relax yourself and lie flat, breathe deeply and smoothly, and make blood circulate more smoothly.Detoxifies and detoxifies to eliminate fatigue.

  Taking a hot bath in the fragrant bath is the most comfortable and effective way to relieve fatigue.

Light a scented lamp, soak a pot of warm water, add 2–4 tablespoons of bath salt, and sprinkle a few fresh rose petals, bury the body in the water, gently soothe the skin, keep your eyes closed for 15 minutes . Dead sea sea saltIt gently removes old dead skin cells without taking away skin moisture, which is better than salt.

Well-dressed water and water moisturizing bath salt, lavender soothing whitening bath crystal salt, added seaweed, lavender, aloe, almond oil and other essences, while promoting body circulation and eliminating physical fatigue, it can also make dull and rough body skin quicklyReply smooth and tender.

  Due to the influence of climate, environment, diet and other changes during the vacation, the metabolism of the skin will be “disorderly”, so it is necessary to clean up the skin of the whole body.

If you do not take a bath, you can also use exfoliating bath salts or Biotherm body scrub gel, H2O + sea salt scrub to gently exfoliate your body.

  At the end of the milk, do n’t forget to use CLARINS bright body serum, Vichy moisturizing body milk and so on to nourish the whole body, especially ElizabethArden green tea, Clinique Happy, Lancome Miracle and other aromas, perfume body milk, let the light fragrance giveThe body is more soothing and pleasant.

  Desensitization and patience in spring are easy seasons for “hair”.

As the weather gets warmer, the regeneration of skin cells tends to be active, while immature keratinocytes appear on the surface of the skin, which weakens the skin’s natural barrier function. It is easy to be irritated and feel discomfort when it encounters changes in the external environment.

  When traveling, many people switch to new skin care samples that they do not usually use, or forget sun protection, or switch to high index sun protection products for better sun protection. These are very easy to cause redness and swelling because the skin is difficult to adapt for a while.Itching, small pimples, etc.

  If this happens, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner; if it is not serious, you need a little more patience to allow the skin to slowly recover-prepare a can of Avene or La Roche-Posay spray, apply a lot of water, and for redness and swelling,The effect of Shu Min is quite obvious.

For daily skin care, switch to Avene Repair Series, or FANCL Smooth Beauty Series, or La Roche-Posay Te An Series, which can help repair and rebuild damaged hydrolipidic membranes.

In the daytime, you must use pure physical sunscreen Avene active spring moisturizing cream or FANCL sunscreen lotion to isolate ultraviolet rays, and the skin that has been injured can not be damaged by ultraviolet rays anymore.

  When sensitivities begin to fade, the skin surface may be particularly rough.

Do n’t worry, they will eventually be metabolized. Do n’t take an intense exfoliation method because of anxiety. It will become crusted like a wound. If you always peel it, you will be re-opened the wound again and again.The skin is more difficult to heal.

  The hydration deeply soothes the spring breeze, which brings spring feeling and also removes skin moisture.

Therefore, everyone who comes back from the trip and fully replenishes skin is required to do skin care!

  In addition to drinking plenty of water to quench your thirst, “drink water” must also let the skin “drink water” directly.

Although spraying or hydrating the spring water well can replenish and soothe the skin well, but because it cannot moisturize it at all, it dries out without paying attention to the skin surface.

Therefore, if you want to keep the skin hydrated for a long time, you should also “drink” more moisturizing moisturizer and toner that does not contain alcohol and cleansing.

Rather than moisten it with a cotton pad, wipe it down between the palms of your hands or four fingers, and press it to the front; you should also use your ring finger to tap lightly.

The temperature of the hand can increase the penetration of “water”. If necessary, the “water” can be replenished to make the skin “drink” full.

  ”Repair” should be at least 3 days or even daily in the first week of returning from the trip. Immediately after “drinking water”, apply a moisturizing mask to deeply repair the skin.

No matter what you can see or not, after the sun, there will be some small inflammation on the skin, not to mention that there is no time to repair it properly during travel.

Therefore, the moisturizing mask selected at this time is best to have soothing and repairing effects, such as Avene Soothing Moisturizing Mask, Estee Lauder Soothing Mask, FANCL Aqua Moisturizing Mask, Biotherm Spring Water Moisturizing Mask, Vichy Living Spring Moisturizing Mask, dewy and whiteRepair mask, suitable herbal herbal aroma mask (chamomile), etc.

Some moisturizing masks are very dense, and it is easy for some people to feel “supplementing moisturizing essence”. In fact, they are only added with “thickeners”. They are repaired and used after traveling, but it is easy to cause irritation.

  Remove the black and whiten the sun in 5 months. Many people still lock sunscreen in the cupboard. Or if they are addicted to nature, where do they remember to “make up for sunscreen”?Come back from vacation and look in the mirror: Ah, it’s dark, and the spots have appeared.

  Fading dark spots, always the sooner the better.

However, it must depend on the skin condition: first, desensitization; non-sensitivity, hydration, sedation, and resolution of minor complications; neither of these conditions occurs or is no problem, only whitening and darkening-otherwise it is easyCauses irritation, sensitizes, and irritation lasts for a long time and may even worsen

  The most important role of whitening at this stage is whitening night cream, repairing whitening essence and whitening mask.

For example, Estee Lauder Crystal Brightening Night Cream, CLARINS Clear Whitening Night Cream, Lancome Whitening Night Cream, Biotherm Whitening C + Night Essence, ElizabethArden Whitening Vitamin C Capsules, etc., have increased the proportion of daylightening productsRepairs sun-damaged cells and resists the effects of free radicals.

If your whitening product excludes whitening night cream, you can use some repair-type whitening masks, such as FANCL moisturizing and whitening mask, whitening spot essence, SK-Ⅱ whitening and repairing mask and whitening firethorn whiteningLiquid to make “water compress film”, etc., to deepen the whitening repair essence, quickly eliminate dark and dull and fade spots.

  It should be noted that within a week or two of returning from a trip, the whitening mask must be used alternately with the moisturizing mask every other day, and not used too intensively every day, because no matter what, moisturizing is the best skin repair.