Alternative spa for you to enjoy cozy beauty

Alternative spa for you to enjoy cozy beauty

Introduction: With the rapid development of society and economy, the fast pace of life and work and environmental pollution put our bodies and skin under pressure.

After a busy day of work, enjoy a relaxing and relaxing beauty spa, which not only allows our body to relax effectively, but also allows our skin to be fully maintained.

  The tight pace of life and work in modern society makes people need to relax and change their body in their free time. People’s maintenance of appearance is becoming more and more meaningful. Therefore, SPAs with both maintenance and beauty functions have been favored by fashionable people.

  1. Cold type: Snowflake SPA Snowflake SPA.

The feature of the Snowflake Spa is that a room called the “Arctic Ice Room” is set up inside the room. The snow slowly drifts down from the ceiling and the indoor temperature is maintained at about 13.

  Snowflake SPA first brings customers to enjoy ordinary saunas. Customers can steam their saunas in more than 90 tons of wooden houses to make their bodies sweat.

When the customer feels overheating, he can come to the “Arctic Ice Room” and feel the “cool” transformation of the ice room at 13 degrees Celsius, while wiping the body with snowflakes in the ice room, removing the sweat from the body and cooling the body, and the armor returns againChalet steam sauna.

  Relatively speaking, the ice and snow SPA in Europe maintains the temperature of the ice room relatively. For example, a snow and ice SPA in Gstaad, Switzerland, controls the temperature of the ice room to minus 12 seconds. A snow and ice SPA in Stuttgart, Germany will control the temperature atMinus 17 seconds.

  2. Intoxicating: Beer SPA has heard a lot of people about beer chicken, but there are probably not many people who have heard of beer SPA.

In the Czech Republic’s Tahoev region, there is a family brewery called “Hodova”. It is well-known locally. Last March, the brewery transformed several wine kilns into bathing centers and launched a unique beer hot spring.

Customers can take a bath in a tub full of beer while taking a beer prepared by the bar.

  The so-called beer bath means that the yeast is first put into the tub, and then it is added with mineral water, and then the crushed herbs and dried hops are added to Riga, and then the newly brewed beer is added.

This beer bath contains a lot of vitamins and proteins, which is very beneficial for the regeneration of skin cells.

And the carbon dioxide in the beer bath can also promote blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

Therefore, it is especially suitable for those who work under pressure and have chronic diseases.

  3. Sweet type: Chocolate SPA is used in the existing five-star hotel in Dahawasa, Jakarta. The function of chocolate is fully exerted. Apart from chocolate desserts and chocolate martinis, the most special is cum true chocolate massage.And chocolate spa with chocolate bath.

It is said that chocolate SPA has the effect of improving the skin texture, and it is also good for the muscles.

The whole chocolate SPA process can take up to 3 or 4 hours.

Customers can first enjoy a steam bath to expand the skin’s pores, and the chocolate can be used for the best effect after a while of braking.

During the customer’s steam bath, the masseur heats up the chocolates that need to be used.

  After the initial preparation, the masseur will first apply a white massage cream to the entire body of the customer to prevent the rabbit customer’s skin from irritating during the massage.

The masseuse then withdraws the chocolate mixture and absorbs it on the customer’s back to start the massage, allowing the skin to absorb the nutrients of the chocolate.

It is believed that the possible natural vitamins in chocolate will help remove dry skin while also relaxing muscles.

  4. Viscous type: Crude oil SPA is located in Naftalan, Azerbaijan. The oil rig is constantly drilling on the poor land. There is also a trace of SPA in this place.SPA.
  Lamir Mutukov, 25, was lying in a bathtub, immersing his entire body except the head in a bucket. The “bath” in a five-capillary bathtub looked and smelled like used machine lubricationOil, dark and sticky, doesn’t seem to make people feel relaxed.

  The material of this crude oil SPA is a naftalene produced from naftalan, whose main ingredient is naphthalene, and the content reaches 50%.

Doctor Yulitikin-Sulemanova, who studies crude oil SPA, said this crude oil contains natural antibiotics and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will penetrate human skin, relieve joint pain, treat skin ringworm, calm nerves, and beautify the skin.

In addition, this crude oil is safe because it contains almost no natural gas or other undesirable chemicals.

  Message from the editor: In addition to a relaxing SPA, you can relax your mood in a stressful life, and at the same time make your skin fully nourished.