[How to avoid accidental pregnancy after the holiday]_Pregnant women

[How to avoid accidental pregnancy after the holiday]_Pregnant women

Under the dual influence of environment and emotion, it is easy for young men and women to make up for fluke mental impulse.

As a result, “unexpected pregnancy” has become the most common “festival sequelae” of Valentine’s Day-a small peak in the hospital’s gynecology and B ultrasound clinics. Many women check whether they are pregnant or even have an abortion, most of whichAre unmarried young women.

Fortunate psychology 1: Occasionally “streaking” once won’t win the “streaking”, that is, having sex without taking contraception at all.

Some people think that there is a certain chance of pregnancy, and occasionally “streaking” will not “win the bid” once.

Expert comment: Sex does not play games, luck will never be, 85% of women who do not take any contraceptive measures will get pregnant unexpectedly each year. In a sexual relationship, both sides should be responsible for their own behavior, and women are more appropriateThe right way to protect yourself.

Women of childbearing age are best to choose scientific and effective contraceptive methods. Among all contraceptive methods, short-acting oral contraceptives containing drospirenol estradiol are more suitable for young women.

Missing short-acting contraceptives may affect the contraceptive effect. Users need to adhere to the correct method of use and promptly correct missed doses.