Winter is coming, how can I not get angry?


Winter is coming, how can I not get angry?

Guide: Winter is cold, the blood flow inside the human body is accelerated, in order to achieve the balance between human body surface water and environmental water, and the blood flowing to the body surface is relatively reduced, so the water transported to the body surface will also be reduced.

At this time, the skin is itchy, the nasal mucosa is dry, and complication such as sneezing is likely to occur.

銆€銆€According to the advice of experts, it is as simple as drinking more water, or applying more moisturizing cream. If you want to moisturize and not get angry in winter, every family needs to fully understand their own 鈥渉ome drying index鈥?in order to achieve targeted adjustment.Living habits, so as to achieve scientific conditioning within the country.

Wang Laoji, who is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle, has taken the lead in proposing the concept of 鈥渘o fire home鈥?and pointed out that paying attention to the dryness index of each member of the family is a key step in establishing a harmonious family relationship. It is the root cause to develop a reasonable and healthy diet.Up-regulating the internal environment to eliminate the most critical step in the winter.

銆€銆€Reading the body’s fire alarm signal, from the inside out, all kinds of family members are very different in age and physique. Relevant surveys show that teenagers and women are more likely to “fire” due to metabolism, belonging to the family.”High-risk members” who are easy to get angry.

銆€銆€Many parents have violated a wrong area: children in adolescence do not know how to regulate learning, life pressure, and temper due to lack of emotional control.

In fact, bad habits such as staying up late to review have aggravated the virtual fire in their bodies, so the temperament of the temper is only the body’s “fire alarm signal.”

Dietitians pointed out that adjusting their schedule and diet structure is the root of the fire. “Parents can let children develop the habit of drinking more healthy drinks, such as warming up in the winter to cook with natural plant residue.Wang Laoji, who has become a system, can adjust the body’s metabolism step by step, improve immunity, and enable young people to have more vitality and face academic challenges.

“Women who are prone to cold hands and feet in winter often overlook their own “fire alarm signal”. The more dry the weather, the more they prefer to eat beef and mutton to protect the cold, but the beef and mutton are warm-filled ingredients, plus onions, ginger, garlic, and pepper.Such spicy ingredients and cinnamon, ginger, medlar, angelica and other tonics, too much food will only “dry and dry”, more likely to cause the body “get angry.”

Therefore, on the second day after tonic, there will usually be a “fire alarm signal” such as dry mouth, dry cough, and even skin itching.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine experts advocate “balanced diet, drink more healthy drinks”, make full use of the three meals of eating water to chill water, adjust the body environment from the roots to prevent winter dryness: First, to strengthen the spleen, liver, clear lung, should beEat more fruits such as hawthorn, grapefruit, pomegranate, apple, etc., accelerate the role of fermentation and creep, nourish yin and moisten; second, eat less salt.

Because the high-salt diet will reduce the ability of mucous membranes to resist disease, so that various pathogens can take advantage of it and induce pharyngitis. Third, when eating hot pot spicy meals, it is accompanied by healthy drinks that are not moisturized, such as chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, licorice, etc.Wang Laoji, a natural plant, aims to moisturize and prevent fire.