Four magic tricks for moms to give their babies a fever

Four magic tricks for moms to give their babies a fever

[Guide]The baby has a fever, which is most disturbing.

Therefore, parents must know how to physically cool their children at home.

Here are 4 most effective and safe ways to help your baby physically reduce fever. Parents are welcome.


Hot cover method: I usually cover my child’s front door and cover my head with a little sweat, and soon the temperature drops, and I feed some warm water.

As soon as possible, my son sweated in 15 minutes.

  Expert comments: This applies to children within one and a half years old, the halogen door has not been closed, and older children can also use ice stickers to physically cool their foreheads.


Drink ginger brown sugar, scallion white water, Shanxi Yueyue mother: fever caused by colds, cold hands and feet, white tongue coating, light urine.

I usually use ginger brown sugar water to get rid of cold.

Add 2 to it completely?
3-segment one-inch-long onion white has better sweating effect.

  Expert comments: This method is effective against colds and colds in autumn and winter, and can drive colds and colds.

In the early stages of a cold, only a runny nose and stuffy nose can be used to relieve symptoms.


Rubbing the feet and limbs of Hangzhou Qiqi Mom: I usually give him rubbing the feet first, then the calves, then the little hands, covering, back, and finally rubbing the children’s two little ears, and then rubbing Baihui points.

After a while, the baby sweated, and his temperature dropped.

  Expert comment: Rubbing the foot with reduced alcohol, pulsating the arteries of the extremities.

Don’t try too fast or too hard during the massage, and give your child more warm water at the same time.


Salt water to reduce internal heat Hefei Shanshan mother: If the child has a fever, hands and feet are not cold, complexion, red eyes, sore throat, yellow urine color, indicating that the internal heat is heavy, at this time let the child drink a lot of salt water to reduce internal heat.

As long as you drink plenty of water, your child will urinate a few times and his temperature will drop.

  Expert comments: For wind-heat type colds, or children with internal heat, yellow urine, dry stool, salt water is suitable.