Keep your baby hydrated in summer, beware of water poisoning

Keep your baby hydrated in summer, beware of “water poisoning”

Rehydration is important. Do not overdo it. Otherwise, it will affect your baby’s intake and absorption of other nutrients. In severe cases, it will also cause “water poisoning”.
Babies below 0-6 months only need to drink breast milk or formula milk, because it already contains the water and nutrients that the baby needs, and generally does not need to add extra water. Avoid over-diluting formula milk and avoiding themDrink electrolyte-containing beverages.
However, some parents have such a misunderstanding that they are worried about the baby getting angry. After each feeding, he will be fed a lot of water. In fact, this will cause the baby to drink less milk and affect the absorption of nutrients.
Infants under the age of 6 months have not yet matured their kidneys. Drinking too much water will cause them to discharge excess water as well as discharge. Loss of absorption can affect brain activity, causing babies to become irritable, dozey, hypothermia, and edemaWait for the early symptoms of water poisoning, and then convulsions, convulsions or convulsions, which need to be treated in time.
According to the supplementary food situation before June -1 years old, if you still drink a lot of milk, if you add a little rice cereal, the baby actually absorbs enough water, so the additional water can be relatively small.Mainly, the food is relatively dry, you can add more water.
After each meal, give him a spoonful of boiling water, about 15-30ML each time, which will help to clean the baby’s mouth, and secondly, it can be in the early stage of baby’s taste bud development.
Let him be exposed to the faint boiled water taste, which is very helpful for cultivating your baby’s good drinking habits in the future.
After 6 months, the baby’s water consumption is controlled by the baby, especially after 1 year old, the baby can take the cup by himself, he can train him, and cultivate the baby’s habit of drinking water in time.When you feel thirsty and drink water, it is already lacking.
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