How to use yoga to relieve neurological symptoms

How to use yoga to relieve neurological symptoms

Depression, nervousness, nervousness, inattention, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, neurasthenia, migraine, headache . all these are left to yoga.

  -Do everything with your focus, love, dedication and confidence.

  -Sometimes life and love wander by your side, but you don’t have a point, it’s too late when you start to perceive.

  -Blue sky is always waiting for you, it is saying to you, “Look at me”.

If you don’t want anything and just look at the blue sky, then you can experience a lot of things.

  -If you practice 15 minutes of breathing every day, consciously inhale deeply and slowly exhale, then your mind will become more peaceful, sober and relaxed.

  -When you smoke, smoke, and do bad things, the whole world is affected.

  -If you are under pressure, you will bring pressure to others; if you are happy, you will make others happy too; if you are suffering, then you will only be able to bring pain to others.

I want to help everyone.

Everything I say is just for you.

If I create you to realize true love and peace, then you will bring it to others.

  -Amit Aya Buzzing: Buzzing has a wonderful effect on the nervous system.

It will bring good vibrations to the head area. After a few exercises, you can enter a relaxed state.

It quickly releases stress, tension, relieves headaches, and reduces anger and anxiety.

It is very beneficial for those who are under tension, stress, insomnia, blood pressure problems and all psychological problems. Similarly, it is very helpful for throat, tonsil and thyroid problems, and it will also bring calm and soothing mind.

Do not practice when your ears are severely inflamed or infected.

  Practice: 1.
Sit comfortably in any meditation position.

  2.Keep the tip of your tongue against your palate and close your eyes to keep your face relaxed and conscious.

  3.Breathe in slowly through your nostrils, and when you exhale, make a low beep like a bee.

  4.Inhale deeply again and beep again when exhaling.

Repeat for a few minutes.

  Thoracic breathing: has all the complications of other breathing (abdominal breathing, shoulder breathing, and complete breathing), enhances vital capacity, and expands the chest cavity and lungs.

Reduces toxins in the lungs.

People who are in tension, depression, and headaches can benefit from it.

Adjuvant treatment of many diseases.

  Method: Sit down in any comfortable meditation position, inhale slowly and deeply through the nostrils, expand your chest and lungs, and exhale slowly and thoroughly. This is a round.

Continuous exercise 10?
15 rounds.

  Holy Light Breath Control: It can quickly transform the toxins in the body, the tension and pressure of consciousness into the body, can slow down the speed of thinking, and appear to make the mind and consciousness more calm and relaxed.

Reduces drowsiness, drowsiness, insomnia, dullness, improves blood circulation in the head area.

It is also very good for people who often have a cold, cough and runny nose.

Holy Light Breath Control can also keep your breath fresh and comfortable, and treat your breath.

Going fasting or after a meal 3?
After 4 hours of light adjustment, the key is that you should feel refreshed and not have many things.

If you feel that there is a lot in your stomach, even if it’s bloating, don’t practice the Holy Light.

  Taboo: Holy Light Breath Control is very good, but not good for everyone.

High blood pressure, high blood pressure, epilepsy, stroke, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, severe back pain, spinal stiffness, any recent fracture surgery, fracture pain, swelling of the nasal cavity, pain or swelling in the eyes, runny nose, nosebleeds, purulent earsSevere sore throat, menstrual period and pregnancy, do not adjust the Holy Light.
  Practice: 1.
Sit down in any simple meditation posture.

  2.Inhale slowly through your nostrils, then exhale vigorously with your nostrils.

When you inhale and exhale strongly, the abdominal muscles contract slightly, and you inhale naturally when you relax the abdomen.
  Note: Try to keep your tail and orientation straight while practicing, and also relax; relax your shoulders, relax your face, and close your eyes.

Breathe naturally after exhaling.

When you do Divine Light Breathing, a great exhalation sound will be produced, and many mucus, toxins, and depressed thoughts will come out.

You will become as if without weight, you will enter deep silence . Cobra: Improve spine protrusion and strengthen spinal muscles.

Cobra is very good for back pain and disc herniation.

If practiced properly, this position can even cure spinal injuries.

It expands the chest cavity, increases vital capacity, strengthens the retina, and increases willpower, confidence, and endurance.

All spinal nerves will become more flexible and stronger, the mind will be more stable, and negative emotions will be reduced.

  Contraindications: Those who have had abdominal surgery recently should not practice this position.

Remember, if you have undergone any recent surgery or have been bleeding or injured in an accident, have headaches, pain, etc., do not practice any position.

  Practice points: breathing, pacing, and practicing balanced body reorganizations are extremely helpful. At the same time, coordination of parts of the body needs to be strengthened.

Breathing method: chest breathing, holy light, buzzing.

  Posture: Warrior, Bird King, King Dance, Triangular Twist, Cobra, Moon, Shoulder Stand, Fish, Relax.

  Warrior style: expand the skull, increase vital capacity, strengthen knees, hips and feet.

Increased complications in the front end, hip, knee and fractured joints.

Reduce shorts and correct leg lines.

This position is very good for increasing self-confidence and eliminates the substitution of breath and energy in the body.

Whenever you feel nervous and lose confidence, your chest will fall down and your neck will look forward.

If you are depressed, you will not look at the sky or look forward, and look down again.

Therefore, whenever you see someone walking with their head down, it shows that he is feeling nervous or down.

This type of position can be extended axially, increasing confidence, willpower and endurance, such as the cobra pose.

  Contraindications: Do not do this position if the knee joint is painful.

If you do or maintain this position without practicing often, you may be dazzled.

  King Dance: This position strengthens the legs, fractures and complications of the joints.

Increase increase budget.

Improve kidney and shoulder joints.

Improve breathing and expand the chest cavity.

Increase focus and confidence.

Reduces toxins in the lungs.
After practicing this position, the breath and energy of the whole body tend to be balanced from the lower body to the upper body.

  Contraindications: People with weak lungs and pain, please do not do this position.

These people can practice other positions to strengthen their joints.

  Bird King style: Strengthen the strength of both knee joints and implant joints.

Increase concentration, awareness, and calmer mindset.

Acute breathing is good for patients with hypertension.

If you keep it for a few minutes, you will experience peace of mind.
  Contraindications: People with joint pain and very weak legs should not do this position.

  Triangular twist: This position strengthens the legs, fractures and ankles.

Reduce waist hips and shape the perfect lines for waist, thighs and shoulders.

Very good for balancing the breath and energy of the lower body.
If you stay relaxed in this position, your entire body will feel lighter and lighter.

  Contraindications: People with severe spine problems, recent abdominal surgery, high blood pressure and high blood pressure patients, please do not do this position.

  Shoulder stand: Helps treat hemorrhoids, kidney qi and irregular menstruation, and maintain thyroid health.

Improves blood circulation and complexion on the head, leaving hair shiny and healthy.

Practice step by step, you will slowly feel that your body will be as light as flowers.

  Contraindications: People with stiff neck, high blood pressure, severe headache, nasal eyes, ear pain, and high blood pressure, do not practice.

  Fish-type: increase lung capacity, expand the chest, good for the thyroid.

Improve baseline.

Shape the fore chest and fracture line, and contract the abdominal muscles.

Improves blood circulation in the head and strengthens the kidneys, which is good for all breathing problems.

  Contraindications: Those who have undergone recent abdominal surgery for cervical stiffness and severe headache should not practice.

  Moon type: increase blood circulation in the head, activate brain cells, enhance the flexibility of the back end, and make the spine more flexible.

It is very easy to do and has many advantages. This position is very good for balancing the breath and energy flow of the entire body.

Breathing slowly and regularly during your stay can help calm your mind.

Contraindications: Severe hypertension, hypertension, high blood pressure or gastritis with severe respiratory problems, patients with gastric ulcers, please do not practice.

  Total relaxation: Relax your body while paying attention to your breathing.

It can well balance the breath and energy in the body, and let the mind and consciousness enter a calm and relaxed state.

You will know that you are one with yourself, and you will be completely relaxed.

Those who feel nervous and worry about insomnia, it is best to lie on their backs and relax completely before going to bed.

  Tip: If your body is too weak, just practice your breathing, and it will also help a lot.