Drinking Chinese medicine should pay attention to the temperature

Drinking Chinese medicine should pay attention to the temperature

“Don’t drink soup medicine to fry the medicine, wait for it to dry up, and drink it in one breath. What else can you pay attention to?

Although Uncle Zhao has been drinking Chinese medicine for many years, it is not important to mention the method of taking Chinese medicine.

In fact, there are also special methods for taking Chinese medicine, and correct treatment can cure the disease as soon as possible; otherwise, it may not achieve the purpose of treatment.

  There are more than ten ways of taking Chinese medicine, of which the most common method is warming, that is, decoction is taken after warming, and most Chinese medicines are suitable for alternative methods. The interval between taking medicine and eating should be more than 1 hour.

  Special attention should be paid to the following methods.

Most medicines should be taken before meals. The reason is that the drugs are well absorbed. It is more suitable to take medicines, anthelmintics and medicines for treating internal diseases.

Take after meals, drugs that are irritating to the gastrointestinal tract, digestive medicine should be taken after meals.

Fasting, nourishing medicine should be taken in the morning and evening on an empty stomach to facilitate the absorption of drugs.

Laxatives should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, because these drugs take effect soon after taking them, so they should not be taken before bedtime.

  Cold clothes and hot clothes should be specifically analyzed according to the situation. Medicines for treating fever, such as heat in the stomach and intestines, patients who want to drink cold drinks, can cool clothes.

Treatment of cold syndromes, such as exogenous wind chills, should be taken hot, and you should drink some hot porridge after the hot service, cover with sweat, and the effectiveness of the medicine can be significantly exerted.

  Short-term service, that is, taking the medicine once and quickly exerting the effect, this method is mostly used for severe patients.

Frequent service, that is, frequency-free intervention, is mostly used for patients with throat and oral diseases.

Patients with severe vomiting should also be taken in small quantities.

  Bedtime clothing, a traditional Chinese medicine for reassurance, should be taken within 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime to give full play to its efficacy.

Overnight clothing, commonly used as an insect repellent, is taken once before bedtime and once again on an empty stomach the next morning to kill and kill the insects and excrete them.

To cash, the fried liquid is mixed with a small amount of rice wine.

The purpose is to increase the power of medicine, mostly used to treat rheumatism or bruises.