[Can pregnant women drink red wine_Can they drink red wine in early pregnancy]

[Can pregnant women drink red wine_Can they drink red wine in early pregnancy]

Pregnant women need to pay attention to many things in their diet, because pregnant women’s bodies are relatively sensitive. If they do not have a reasonable diet, it is likely to affect their physical health and baby’s development.

For pregnant women, red wine can actually replace some, but it must be appropriate.

Can pregnant women drink a small amount of red wine? Traditionally, pregnant women are not allowed to drink any alcoholic beverages, but different statements remain.

Can pregnant women drink red wine?

Pregnant women can actually drink a little red wine properly.

Red wine contains three major nutrients that the body needs to support life: vitamins, sugars and proteins.

According to the experimental conclusions of scientists, we can know: 1, red wine has an appetite improvement, nourishing effect, digestive effect, weight loss, diuretic effect, bactericidal effect, 2, red wine has cerebral thrombosis, kidney stones, prevention of pregnancy, inhibition of slight absorption,Retinal degeneration and prevention of colds also play a role.

Pregnant women drinking red wine can also play these roles, but after all, red wine is alcohol, and its alcohol content is mostly between 8% and 15%. Although the alcohol content is not high, excessive or improper permission will still produce substitutions for the fetus.Growth is also unfavorable.

The study found that pregnant women can drink a moderate amount of wine. A survey of 3,000 women’s drinking habits revealed that during the first trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women drank a glass of wine every day.Children born to pregnant women who are not stained or full of alcohol will have better behavior.

Can pregnant women drink Sprite? Sprite’s main must be sugar, spices, carbonated water, and some also include artificial colors, which of course cannot be given to pregnant women.

In Sprite, carbonated gas is added to the syrup or plant extract, so when it is added, the sweet taste replaces the main taste, but in fact, the beverage contains a lot of carbonated sugar-free soda, and the juice contains carbonated fruit juice.soda.

1. Sugar in Sprite The biggest problem in Sprite is the excessive use of sugar.

Sprite’s refreshment often makes people underestimate the sugar content.

It is of course no problem for pregnant women to drink a small amount, but if they drink it every day, or even drink a large amount, it will cause daily sugar intake to exceed the standard.

2. Phosphoric acid in Sprite Most of Sprite contains phosphoric acid, but this phosphoric acid will subtly affect the bones. Drinking Sprite’s bone health will be threatened.

Because the human body has requirements for various elements, the substitution of a large amount of phosphoric acid will affect the absorption of calcium and cause the calcium and phosphorus ratios to become imbalanced.

The more phosphoric acid excreted from the body, the more calcium is excreted.

Calcium in the blood is excreted excessively, then the body will automatically transfer calcium from the bones to the blood, which will eventually cause bone looseness.

As pregnant women are prone to calcium deficiency during pregnancy, and calcium is an infertile component of the fetus, they should also drink as little Sprite as possible.

3. Sodium bicarbonate in citric acid is added to sodium bicarbonate in sprite to form carbon dioxide gas, so that carbonated water is finally formed.

This is forbidden for pregnant women. This contains salt. If the pregnant woman takes too much salt, it will increase the burden on the stomach and cause swelling of the feet.