How do diabetics lose weight to be healthy?

How do diabetics lose weight to be healthy?

User question: My mother’s current meal is much less than before. I usually pay more attention to eating food. I don’t want to eat greasy and fat food. I go out to do exercises every morning and evening, but my body is still relatively obese.

  Is there any effective way to achieve weight loss?

In addition, my mother has been relatively obese, and now I want to lose weight, fearing that too much obesity will bring a lot of old age diseases.

  Experts answer: fatter old people, do not expect yourself to become a super model at once, to gradually achieve the goal of weight loss through balanced diet and exercise.


In the elderly with hypertension and disease, it should be based on the treatment of diseases, the purpose of weight loss is to better control the disease.


For the elderly to lose weight, there must be sufficient psychological preparation, do not rush to seek success, do not stop when the time.

It is necessary to develop a plan that can both lose weight and strengthen the body, help to improve the physical condition of the elderly, and prevent the occurrence of various diseases in the elderly.

  Weight loss should take a step-by-step approach.

The speed of weight loss of patients is 1-2 kg, and it is better to lose 1-2 kg in 1-3 months. In the process of weight loss, patients do not feel tired and have no feeling of fatigue.


Diet to lose weight, do not use fast weight loss method, not partial eclipse, to take the appropriate diet recipes under the guidance of nutritionists.


Exercise to lose weight, the amount of exercise should not be too large at the beginning, should start from the walk, gradually jogging, and then choose other exercise weight loss methods after adaptation.