Can white cabbage + rice vinegar really stovepipe?

Can “white cabbage + rice vinegar” really stovepipe?

In the summer, many friends plan to lose weight, in the hope of recovering their own body in the summer.
Folk rumors “cabbage + rice vinegar” is said to be able to achieve the effect of stovepipe, but also began to be excavated, making it highly visible.
銆€銆€Experts from the Health Care Association believe that cabbage is rich in vitamins C and E. Eating more cabbage can have a good skin care and beauty effect.
Cabbage is rich in nutrients, and its content of vitamin C and riboflavin is 5 times and 4 times higher than that of apple and pear respectively. The trace element zinc is higher than meat and contains molybdenum which can inhibit the absorption of nitrite.
The pectin contained in cabbage can help the body to eliminate excess cholesterol.
In addition, the cabbage itself contains very little heat and does not cause heat storage.
Therefore, middle-aged and obese people, eating more cabbage will not accumulate fat, but the cabbage itself does not have the effect of losing weight and stovepipe.
銆€銆€There are many arguments about the benefits of jealousy, such as jealousy to promote metabolism, eliminate fatigue, lower blood pressure, prevent hardening of blood vessels, adjust blood pH to prevent disease, help digestion, and even lose weight.
And these various health arguments lack scientific evidence.
銆€銆€Under normal circumstances, the human body’s blood is weakly alkaline (about PH7.
Dietitians pointed out that there have been a few studies in foreign countries that found that people with a blood-alkali body are healthier, while those who are too acidic have a higher risk of developing diseases.
Folks also have the saying that eating meat will make the body become sour, eating vegetables, fruits, drinking vinegar, etc. can adjust the body and return to the alkaline state.
Many Western nutritionists have pointed out that at present, there is no scientific evidence to prove this. Even Chinese medicine does not agree with this argument that diet changes the body’s pH value. Vinegar itself is less likely to have weight loss and stovepipe effect.
銆€銆€The folk recipe “cabbage + rice vinegar” can be appetizing, rice vinegar can help to burn delicious dishes and achieve a balanced diet.
However, folk remedies “cabbage + rice vinegar” can not be credible, so there is no need to expect too much from vinegar, let alone believe in remedies.
It is necessary to pay attention to the timing and weight of the rice vinegar added in the dish, and it is inappropriate to eat, but it hurts.