Conditioning of bitter summer patients

Conditioning of bitter summer patients

The bitter summer is a kind of unique summer possibility-it means the bitter summer.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, during the year, the most prosperous period of yang is in the summer, when the sun is pushing down, the ground fire is rising, and the summer heat is daunting.

At the beginning of the summer, the rainy season just after the rainy season, coupled with the sweltering climate, made it difficult for water vapor to spread, and the evil of water invasion invaded the human body, causing fever to linger and produce a bitter summer.

  People suffering from “bitter summer” usually have weak body, burned limbs, bad appetite, often want to sleep, and nausea in severe cases; some people become thinner or have symptoms of fever in the body and body.

Therefore, it is habitually called “bitter summer”.

  Summer is the time when the human body’s metabolism is at its peak. The skin pores open up, allowing sweat to drain and regulate body temperature to adapt to the hot climate.

Therefore, we must keep these basic principles in mind during summer health: prevent heatstroke evil in midsummer; prevent dampness evil in long summer; at the same time, we must protect the human body’s yang and prevent excessive coldness due to the summer heat, thereby hurting the yang in the body.

  First, the patients with bitter summer can be basically divided into three categories: first, fever.

Mainly as yellow tongue coating.

The method of aromatizing and dampening can be adopted. The main medicines are: Huoxiang, Miren, Talc, Poria, Pinellia, etc., which can play the role of dampening and dampening.

  Second, the spleen and stomach are weak.

This type of person is usually prone to fatigue, weak limbs, shortness of breath, and a small appetite.

Codonopsis, astragalus, atractylodes, licorice can dampen the stomach and strengthen the spleen.

  Third, Qi and Yin deficiency.

This type of person is more complicated, in addition to having some of the above symptoms at the same time, then appear “palm, feet and heart”, thin, dry mouth, red tongue.

Available American ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicum, Zhimu, Xuanshen, Astragalus, Dendrobium and so on.

  Dry mouth, sweat like rain, panting, and irritability — in the summer, you must have more or less of this waste, if the bitter summer comes in again, “plug in”, how can this summer not “bitter”?

Therefore, experts suggest that patients suffering from bitter summer actively cooperate with doctors for TCM conditioning. Most patients had obvious relief of symptoms that year. After undergoing reasonable conditioning of the change, the bitter summer would no longer be present.

  Second, timely treatment is the key. Only by cooling can not drive away the bitter summer. If you are too cold, you must continue to eat “bitterness”, so it is the key to prescribe the right medicine.

  If the patient adopts western medicine’s diagnosis and treatment method, it will often be “unable to start” because “this index is normal”.

In fact, although bitter summer will not seriously affect physical health like other diseases, but for young people with heavy work and stress, they ca n’t eat one quarter of the year, do n’t sleep well, and feel sluggish, and wasteI am afraid that the full competence will be discounted — therefore, active treatment is especially needed.

  Third, the “bitter summer” is not difficult. Experts suggest that the best way to make “bitter summer” not bitter is to start with self-regulation and self-care.

Specifically, we can focus on the following aspects: Diet conditioning summer funding must be gradually reduced.

From the most commonly used porridge in summer, often drinking mung bean porridge can begin to detoxify and quench the thirst; while lotus leaf porridge, mint lily porridge, chrysanthemum porridge, etc., are more suitable for colds caused by summer monsoon fever.

Relatively speaking, some nutrient-rich, fresh and delicious cold salads, seasoned with a little garlic, ginger, vinegar, and spicy condiments can enhance appetite and prevent infectious diseases.

  The appropriate amount of siesta is usually half an hour to one hour. If it exceeds two hours, the central nervous system’s inhibition will deepen, and the blood flow of the brain will be relatively reduced, which is not conducive to entering the working state soon after waking up.

  Exercising aerobics, swimming, running, dancing, etc. can improve physical fitness, improve endocrine and metabolism, and have great substitutes for regulating autonomic nerves and body temperature.

  Do not be greedy, cool air-conditioning does alleviate the invasion of the scorching heat to a certain extent, so that the number of people who had bitter summers has also been greatly reduced.

This stems from two characteristics of air conditioning: dehumidification and cooling.

However, the indoor temperature must not be too low, and frozen food should not be eaten too much.

Otherwise, not only will the symptoms of bitter summer not be alleviated, it may also be aggravated.