Efficacy and avoidance of ginger

Efficacy and avoidance of ginger

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  Ginger’s Efficacy and Function 1. Cooling and refreshing to increase appetite because ginger contains oily volatile oils such as gingerol, gingerene, phlene, citral and aromatics; gingerol, resin, starch and fiber.

Therefore, ginger has the effects of excitement, perspiration, cooling, and refreshing during the hot season; it can relieve symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, anorexia, insomnia, abdominal distension, abdominal pain; ginger also has an effect of strengthening the stomach and appetite;The secretion of gastric juice will be reduced, which will affect people’s appetite. If you take a few slices of ginger during meals, it will increase appetite; ginger also has a relief or analgesic effect on stomach problems, gastritis and pain caused by gastroduodenal ulcers, and vomiting, Pantothenic acid, a sense of drought, etc. Drink with 50 grams of ginger decoction, can relieve symptoms quickly.

  2. Antibacterial and disease treatment scientists from the United States and Denmark have confirmed through experiments that dried ginger powder can relieve headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting of motion sickness, with an effective rate of about 90%, and the drug effect can last more than 4 hours.

Folks use ginger to prevent motion sickness and seasickness, and some use ginger tablets to stick to Neiguan points, which have obvious anti-sickness effects.

  In the summer season, bacteria growth and reproduction are extremely active, which is likely to contaminate food and cause acute gastroenteritis. At this time, it is appropriate to eat ginger or add tea with boiling water and add it after boiling, which can play a role.

Scientists have discovered through research that ginger can exert certain antibiotic effects, especially on Salmonella.

Ginger also has the effect of killing oral pathogenic bacteria and in vivo pathogenic bacteria. Ginger water gargle is used to treat bad breath and periodontitis, which has a significant effect.

  3, appetizers, spleen, heatstroke, and rescue in the summer. People are greedy and cold, and they like to blow on the air conditioner of the fan. It is easy to catch cold and cause a cold.

At this time, drink ginger sugar water in time, it will help expel the cold in the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginger can be “intelligent”, that is, refreshing.

When a person suffers from heatstroke and fainting in summer, pouring it with a glass of ginger juice can make the patient wake up quickly.

For patients with general heat, dizziness, palpitations, and chest distress and nausea, proper consumption of ginger soup can greatly replace it.

Rendan, a traditional Chinese medicine for preventing heatstroke, contains ginger in it. The purpose is to drive the wind and strengthen the stomach and refresh the brain.

  Eat ginger in the morning 3 major health effects folk sayings: Eating ginger in the morning is better than eating ginseng soup; eating ginger at night is equivalent to eating arsenic. Why?

The reason why ginger is not suitable to eat at night is that ginger contains gingerol, which can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, enhance the spleen and stomach effect during the day, and may affect sleep injury and a major problem connected at night, so it is not suitable to eat at night.

  As early as the end of Spring and Autumn, Confucius first learned that eating ginger was anti-aging.

In his later years, he often said, “Every food must be ginger.”

“It means that you can’t eat ginger throughout the year, but you should not eat more each time.

In an era of war, turbulence, and a low average life expectancy, Confucius can live to 73 years of age, which is not related to the consumption of ginger.

  Since the Spring Festival last year, the author has insisted that ginger be contained every morning and never stop. I also bring ginger when traveling.

  First, I must not catch a cold. Since ginger-containing, I have never had a cold, and I occasionally have a cold benefit. Drinking a packet of “Xiao Chai Hu Granules” is okay, and it cured the cold headache that I had the most headache in the past.

  Second, the bile duct stones were cured. On August 6th of last year, when I underwent a physical examination, the B-ultrasound found that the left lobe bile duct stones were 0.

8 × 0.

2 cm, I have never taken any medicine to treat gallstones, but I insist on containing ginger every morning. When I checked again on August 7 this year, there was no abnormality in the gallbladder.

According to Uncle Wang, ginger, gallstones and kidney stones can be cured in the morning.

  The third is to do a “two-and-a-half” test of liver function, all of which are negative. I performed a “two-and-a-half” test for five consecutive years from 1998 to 2002. There were two positives, namely the fourth e-antibody (anti-HBE) and the firstFive core antibodies (anti-HBC) turned positive, but they were not big or small.

At this year’s physical examination, the hepatitis B virus, the “two and a half” test were all negative, but he was injected with the hepatitis B vaccine.

  The method of containing ginger is to scrape the ginger (the ginger is cold), cut four or five slices of ginger a day (cut as thin as a thick paper, cut too thick, and spicy) and put them in a bowl.

Get up every morning, first drink a cup of boiling water, and then rinse the bowl with ginger flakes to sterilize it. Then put the ginger flakes in your mouth and chew slowly.
For 30 minutes, bite the ginger slice to let the scent of ginger circulate in the mouth and spread to the stomach and the nostrils.

  [Should be avoided]Those with Yin deficiency and internal heat should not take it.

  ① “Outline”: “Eating ginger for a long time, the accumulation of heat troubles.

Where the diseased hemorrhoids eat and drink more, Lifa quickly.

People with scabies eat more meat than they eat.

“②” Ben Cao Jing Shu “:” Jiufu damages the yin and hurts the eyes, yin deficiency and internal heat, yin deficiency, cough and vomiting blood, surface sweating, hot sweating, spontaneous sweating, sweating under the venom, vomiting due to heat, hot abdominal pain, methodLeek it.

“③” Dietary spectrum of living with interest “:” Internal heat yin deficiency, red eyes and throat, blood syndrome soreness, vomiting with fire, fever in summer, fever, asthma, fetal bloating and timely illness, after acne are allAvoid it.
“Through the above information on the efficacy and avoidance of ginger, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.