How to care for baby’s skin in winter?

How to care for baby’s skin in winter?

The child’s skin layer is very delicate and thin, the temperature is low in winter, and the weather is often dry and windy. If you don’t pay attention to protection, many of them are prone to cracking.

Parents need to take good care of the child’s skin, you can do: 1, keep the skin clean.

In dry winter, children’s skin should be kept clean. Wash your hands with warm water every morning and night, and soak your feet with warm water at night.

But don’t wash your face too often, and don’t use too alkaline soap.

Otherwise, the skin’s protective function will be reduced, and bacteria, dirt and other harmful substances will have opportunities to take advantage of it; dryness will cause itching, and if the skin is scratched, it will cause skin infection and inflammation.

  2. Choose skin care products suitable for children.

  You can usually apply some children’s skin care products properly, which can effectively moisturize, moderately lock water, relieve dryness, and help the sebum film to build a barrier, which is both nourishing and protecting.

  3, pay attention to adjust the diet Many children have a partial eclipse phenomenon, lack of vitamin A, vitamin B, nutritional imbalance is also the cause of skin cracking.

Usually let your child eat more foods containing vitamin A and vitamin B, such as egg yolk, milk, vegetables, and fruits.

Prevents skin dehydration.

In addition, eczema and fungal infections may be accompanied by cleft palate. If the child has tinea pedis, eczema should be actively treated.