[How to cook instant noodles _ how to cook instant noodles in a pot]

[How to cook instant noodles _ how to cook instant noodles in a pot]

In life, you don’t need to cook, but you must cook instant noodles, because instant noodles can really help us fill our hunger.

However, in real life, especially some young people, they may not even cook instant noodles. If they live one day, they may be starved to death.

Of course, this situation is impossible to happen, after all, there are still takeaways.

So, how to cook instant noodles is the easiest?

Open fire or fire.

Add 4 cups of water (the kind of cups that usually drink water). If you like soup, you can add more soup.

The specific steps are as follows: 1.

First put 4 cups of water in the pot (the kind of cups that usually drink water), if you like soup, you can put more water).


Open a medium or large fire and wait for the water to boil.

The instant noodles can be popped when the water bubbling.


After putting in the instant noodles, put the seasoning inside (add a little vinegar, so that the taste will be better).

Add about a tadpole, it’s about 10 ml).


Then cook for 3 to 5 minutes.

You can eat off the fire.

In addition to instant noodles that can be eaten in cooking methods, there are also people in some regions who eat instant noodles in a cooking way, such as cooking noodles in the usual way of cooking noodles.

Although instant noodles are designed to be eaten after brewing, there are also people who eat them without brewing. In some brands of instant noodles in Taiwan, such as “Prince Noodles” and “Scientific Noodles”.

In Taiwan, lochi street vendors sometimes use instant noodles as one of the ingredients.

Most Internet cafes and some snack stalls can be cooked with instant noodles and vegetables before serving eggs.

In Hong Kong, the “Laoding” that can be eaten in tea restaurants is that instant noodles are eaten by mixing noodles (or noodles). Put the spiced minced meat on top and mix well to eat; there are also fried instant noodles and cookedConveniently put a piece of cheese on the surface for different eating methods.

In Macau, you can eat Portuguese-style dices such as ginger pork, smoked duck breast, salted beef tongue, etc. at Yongan Coffee Shop.

In Korea, troop pots also use instant noodles as ingredients.