Kelp and laver can enhance male and female libido

Kelp and laver can enhance male and female libido

Seaweed is rich in iodine and other nutrients, which can guarantee the normal function of the thyroid gland.

  Many studies have shown that in patients with hypothyroidism, the metabolism of androgens will be affected, resulting in symptoms of hyposexuality and sexual decline, which affects both men and women, and seaweed can supplement its deficiency.

  In addition, seaweed foods are also rich in zinc.

Generally speaking, zinc deficiency in men leads to a decrease in sperm count and sperm quality, accompanied by sexual and reproductive dysfunction; 功能 zinc deficiency in women may cause symptoms such as reduced vaginal secretions during intercourse.

  Therefore, seaweed food is a good medicine for those who lack zinc to enjoy the “sex blessing”.

  Among seaweed foods, kelp has the effect of soothing liver and qi.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there is a close relationship between liver and sexual function. Merging, the liver is the main emotion. Only when the emotions are accessible and the air is smooth, can people normally have sexual desire and complete sexual activity. At the same time, the liver is the main blood and the liver blood is too much.In order to fully supply the penis, maintain its erection and firmness.

  From the above, kelp contains some polysaccharides and alcohols, which have anticoagulant effect and are good for vascular endothelial cells, can prevent atherosclerosis, and reduce the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.