Black people’s tricks to dry skin

Black people’s tricks to dry skin

Occasionally look in the mirror, do you find that you have a lot of wrinkles on your cheeks, or are the corners of your eyes covered with fine lines?

Don’t worry, this does not mean that you are not old before you decline, or that you are in trouble for another season.

In autumn, because the temperature difference between morning and evening is large and the air is dry, people are drained from the skin little by little as if they were living in a skin dryer.

So how do you keep black people hydrated?

In fact, as long as you master a few tricks, making your face dangdang is definitely not a dream.

  1. Gentle cleansing in the morning. Because you have thoroughly cleaned the night before, and get up in the morning, the long dirty things are just the oil you secreted at night.

Everyone knows that the quality of the secreted roots is related to the temperature. It is cooler in autumn, so the secreted oil will not be too much.

At this time, it is enough to use a mild non-foaming cleansing product. A cleansing product with too much oil control can replace the outer water film that destroys the skin, resulting in more dehydration.

  2. Use moisturizing essence. Do n’t think that the essence of the essence is prepared for 30+ women. In fact, there is no age limit for moisturizing essence.

Moisturizing essence is used in the lotion, it will enhance the skin’s ability to absorb other nutrients, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

  3, sun protection is indispensable. Although autumn is not as bright as the sun in summer, but the UVA that sunburns the skin has not decreased.

Therefore, persisting in sun protection is also a very important task for moisturizing the skin.

  4, moisturizing spray with a moisturizing spray is the most direct and fastest way to hydrate the skin, in the early autumn season, carry a bottle of moisturizing spray with you, to replenish moisture to the skin at any time!

But keep in mind that after spraying, you must press dry with a facial tissue, it is best to apply a little moisturizing lotion.

  5, make-up remover completely oily make-up will prevent the skin from absorbing moisture and nutrients, and then grab the moisture on the skin, so when you go home from work, you must remove the makeup first.

Note that the amount of makeup remover oil or makeup remover must be sufficient to fully dissolve the makeup on the face and achieve a perfect cleansing effect.

  6, hot towel covering + massage is getting colder, the pores are automatically reduced, and the ability to absorb nutrients is also reduced.

At this time, you can use a hot towel to cover your face. This will not only deeply clean the trash in the pores, but also allow the pores to fully open to absorb nutrients.

After the hot compress, apply a small amount of massage cream for proper massage, which can add icing on the skin to delay aging.

  7. Applying a lotion mask on a makeup paper bubble film daily is more effective than applying an expensive mask once or twice a week.

It is best to choose a lotion with high moisturizing effect, it can not only hydrate the skin, but also improve the fine lines around the eyes.

But be careful not to choose an alcohol-based lotion, as this will over-irritate the skin.

  8. Night maintenance After 10 o’clock at night, it is the best time for the skin to focus on internal renewal and optimization, stimulate collagen regeneration and repair damaged DNA.

In this troubled autumn, more attention should be paid to night skin care.

In addition to using moisturizing essence, use a night cream with a high moisturizing effect.