Fitness yoga relieves pain

Fitness yoga relieves pain

If you are too nervous all day, your lower back will be sore easily. At this time, try to do yoga. Just a little bit of muscles and bones can relieve your lower back pain!

Now, I will introduce some fitness yoga exercises that can relieve back pain.

  Before starting yoga, you need to find a comfortable place, then sit down in the lotus position, perform breathing exercises, calm your body, and relax your body.

  Bend your knees and bend your feet to the same width as your hips, bend slightly, slowly bend your body downwards, lift it up, hold your other hand’s elbow with your head, and hold your head down for 2-5 minutes until youFeel your hips begin to relax.

  The cat’s contracted hands support the body’s knees on the ground, fingers open, inhale, head tilted back, lifted forward and upward, forming a dog-like posture; when you exhale, arch forward and upward, like a catWith your head down and your eyes looking at your contraction, stretch your spine and complications until you feel comfortable.

  Bend your knees and flat your feet slightly apart, naturally slightly, bend your knees slightly, bend down, stretch your body horizontally until your body is parallel to the ground; your hands are tilted straight to the sides, parallel to the ground, and your chin is slightly recovered, it feels like you are holding aJust like an orange, close your abdomen, keep your back end as straight as possible, hold it for 10-20 seconds, and repeat 5 times.

  Cobra prone on the ground, put your hands on both sides, inhale, stretch the body above the stomach, lift your feet up, keep your tibia, tibia, thighs close to the ground, open above, hold 5 breaths,Then exhale and let your lower back relax until your forehead is on the ground.

Note that you must fully warm up before doing this position.

  Superman supine on the ground, inhale, stretch the body’s stomach upwards, lift your feet up, straighten your hands forward, let your right and left legs lift upwards for 5 seconds, and let your rightRecover with your left leg, then switch hands and legs and repeat.

The entire action is repeated 10 times.

Stretch your hands and legs diagonally to relax your back.

  Lay the spine flat on the ground, bend your right knee, keep your right leg close to the abdomen, and have your toes up. Keep this position for 2 minutes, then place your right leg above your body, turn your head to the right, and your right hand to the right.Straighten until you feel the back stretch.

Exhale deeply, then slowly relax, hold for 2-5 minutes, then switch to the other side.

  After the exercise is complete, you can stay in a corpse style, adjust your breathing, and let your body relax.