Eat dried sweet potatoes before steaming and frying sweet potatoes

Eat dried sweet potatoes before steaming and frying sweet potatoes

“Squash Sweet Potatoes” popping up like mushrooms in the streets and alleys, with healthy signboards, bring good taste and attract a lot of people.

What is the nutrition of the food made by these sweet potatoes, how to eat sweet potatoes more nutritious?

Chen Xiafei, chief nutritionist of Shanghai East China Hospital, told reporters that sweet potatoes, also known as sweet potatoes and potato, contain about 25% of starch, about 1% of protein, trace amounts, a variety of minerals and vitamins, rich food fiber and sugars.Substance, so it plays an important role in supplementing the body’s vitamins and energy, helping the body digestion, laxative and wide bowel.

Other studies have shown that sweet potatoes also have anti-cancer and antioxidant effects.

  The sweet potato plant’s products use sweet potatoes as the main ingredient, and are processed by cooking, frying, roasting, and frying.

Common are sweet potato, various sweet potato slices, sweet potato strips, sweet potatoes and so on.

  Chen Xiafei told reporters that it is best not to eat fried sweet potato slices, because during the frying process, the oil temperature is generally higher than 200 degrees, the fat will decompose to produce harmful substances; not only that, high oil temperature will destroy vitamin C, vitamin BThe number of races and adults will also increase.

In dried sweet potatoes, the carotenoids in the dried sweet potatoes will be destroyed by ultraviolet rays, and the nutrition will be reduced, and because the sanitary conditions during the processing are not clear, it is recommended to steam them before eating.

The sweet potatoes roasted directly on the open flame are easily burnt and produce amylamide carcinogens; if it is roasted from an electric oven, some people are assured that the sweet potatoes wrapped in tin foil wrapped in sweet potatoes are no problem.

In addition, the sweet potato food also has some novel flavors such as onion flavor, tomato flavor, lemon flavor, etc. These new flavor sweet potato flakes do not promote nutrition, and may also have the problem of adding flavors and spices.

  If the purpose is to ingest nutrients, you don’t need to eat sweet potato food at all. Instead, you should use traditional steaming and cooking methods.

In addition, Chen Xiafei suggested that you can choose more dark-colored sweet potatoes for better nutrition, such as red and purple sweet potatoes.