Also shamelessly, like a large quilt strong human form, though not pressing her, but firmly over her, but also to grow a large portion.Let XIA push all the blame does not move away.

  ”You is not never lived in my house.”Cheng Dong did not want to send XIA away from home, it is best do not have to take her home every day.
  ”This is the alarm clock to remind me to sleep!I tomorrow morning class is eight o’clock!”XIA away toot lip drum face protest,” all ten o’clock it!”
  Cheng winter almost no time to sleep ten at night, but he did not have long to class eight, had to dying: “I send you to school tomorrow morning.”
  ”But I’m hungry friends!Starve it!”Little children crying forehead knocked him to take the bag, looking over grievances complained,” I have not eaten dinner!We ate lunch!”
  Cheng Dong surprised, quickly put yourself up, then reach out and pull him XIA away lying on the coat: “how is it?”
  ”Ten in the morning he came to open the door ah wave Cen!”XIA remote back road.Cheng Cen wave in the winter of his study almost till noon only to go, it can XIA away at that time was a large painting tube and trunk attracted all the attention, just spare some time to cry, where spare some hungry.At the moment not only had the strength to hungry, thirsty and she cried all dehydrated.