Had made the night a few days ago also told his behalf.

@ Shan Li: temporary these days to end a marriage, honeymoon, etc. had to come back to open a new file, thank you for your support.

This thing is really that out, it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of fans and no one will believe –

Your writer was under the insanity!But also the family man will hurt them!Because he is really the identity of a crown prince ah!

– sound or fly some of the reasons for this marriage.

The evening also was sitting next to him on behalf of the editor of microblogging, when suddenly some ideas do not fly.

Those authors disappeared after a pregnancy, you will not in fact have any special status, in fact, do something else?

Comments district, crying with a group of people in the blessing, there are people trying to find out such a lovely looking man with writers is not really that handsome little brother together, even the people who fight in the end who is subject to attack or to attack each other.

Seeking seeking wedding lot of candy, the atmosphere was quite happy.

Mu after flowering when the porridge, and he talked about it, or see him frowning, raising his hand to help him in the ears do not burst.

“The Late Late.”He slowed down the voice said:” we do not really get out.”

“Some might say brutal,” flowers Mu paused, but still finish up: “But