Undercover identity.

  Drug lords tried to use drugs to kill him, let him taking an overdose of drugs.
  He eventually did not die, but the nervous system has been a huge trauma.
  Because he was obedient and fight in that state, so he sold directly to the drug lords to make a living by a black boxing organization.
  Chakun earn a lot of money for that organization, that organization is the same control he used drugs, but once his drug seizures in the fist stage, he lost, and lost a lot of money tissue boss.
  The boss huff nearly killed him.
  At that time, a Chinese person to help him come here looking for work in the Mainland killer, black boxing organization’s boss sold him directly to the Chinese people.
  This is the Chinese people Gokseong.
  Song Tianming men Gokseong is designed to do something shady guy.
  Song Tianming open entertainment company to endorse the new wind in its sails, those people can not see things behind with Gokseong do have a great contact.
  Artists do not listen, can solve Gokseong.Fierce competitor, able to solve Gokseong.
  In addition, Gokseong can solve some of the things the director and the producers do not have them under the command of artists.
  Nothing more than bribery and intimidation of these two means, both means Gokseong are playing very slip!
  And you need Shoudexia can intimidate people to work, because this year posturing has been unable to fool people.