Double striking stagger steps, nose straight forward equation.

  As if time stood still.
  Cheng Xu Luo double looked paranoid eyes, actually hesitated under this arm holding back, just listen to heavy bang.
  Luo Xu fell to the ground.
  Luo Xu Li autumn foot stepped on hand to kick away the knife, the Xu Luo hands buckle in the back, kneeling on her back neutralize her, looked nervous look to drive double: “how do you like?”
  Cheng nose pierced again double coat, exposing the inside of shallow black sweater, Cheng glanced double bow: “Nothing.”
  Security quickly up, Xu Luo was escorting several people shouted out, accompanied by the Cheng Li autumn double went to the hospital.
  Before leaving, do not forget Zhang Cheng dual channel impulse came hastily: “this message is put out, attention to the wording.”
  Fifth Hospital.
  Caramel color faded coat, broken on two tight black sweater hole, but fortunately the second blade drive double escape in time, only the skin is rubbed raw tip point.
  Right arm that hideous wound was already bloody, tight black sweater tight adhesion flesh, blood stained a dark color hat position several times.
  Li autumn and do not forget the eye opening the eyes could not bear to see a doctor: “how wound?”
  Cheng double: “By the way check the wound under there is poison.”