Song Zhe come back, it means that all the dust has settled farce.

  The next afternoon, Song Zhe held a reporter conference to come forward, briefly released in recent days in all cases.Song Neo Group shares since the jail had a weak shock, the reason for the weak, on the one hand that the Neo imprisonment is indeed bad news, but Song Zhe back, and Yang Wei in the incident and exhibited courage she remarried and Song Zhe news, Song Group has become a major positive.
  Song Zhe come back on the third day, officially entered the National prime time, “Galaxy Time” will be released.The first day of release, Song Zhe, called on the JAC security, tweeted summer, Wu Yi, Gu Lan, Sue Jane a group of people, and then with Yang Wei went to private use.
  ”Galaxy era” is the domestic rare science fiction film, Song Zhe pouring money into production, special effects team is Soong media’s effects company single-handedly produced, one hundred percent of domestic original.
  When entering the cinema, Wu Yi smiled and said: “Zhege, fifty cents to time if the special effects, we will not laugh at you, you do not feel embarrassed.”
  Song Zhe sneered, raising his hand pushed a Wu Yi: “You wait and see, not crying out, I can help you put your fancy new car buy.”
  ”This is what you said.”Wuyi once said,” We’ve been.”