”But I’m a little hungry.”
  ”We quickly found that restaurants get something to eat?”Forest health advice.
  Yao Ji with a ceremony at his earlobe, “this is not hungry.”He too bouquet out of the way, holding with one hand, one hand clasped forest health,” I want to eat you.”
  Today’s atmosphere is really great, Lin raw restless heart, especially want to Yao Ji ceremony, “Then we go home.”
  Yao Ji ceremony apart from anything else pulling him, turned around and left, a rarity fewer people trail, takes a fast pace to run like.Had Yao Ji ceremony holding him, almost every forest health can not keep up.
  Seven Shui eight around the back of the mall parking lot, the car, Yao Ji ceremony a step on the gas, “boom” sound, the car flew away towards the direction of home.
  Road, Yao Ji ceremony happily humming a little song, forest health watch for him, hum smiles: “Offer.”
  Half an hour later.
  Yao Ji ceremony neatly parked to dry thick edge in the green belt, “Pata” sound, unfasten their seat belts to forest health, forest health can not wait to get off in the car.
  Forest Health: “Wait, wait, I can not fall cherries.”
  He had just cherries in her arms, Yao Ji bowed and took his back, locked car, “go home.”
  They cling to the stairs, Yao Ji ceremony whispered: “life and life