After this broadcast does not know if he would go withheld bonuses.This is a live, I have not pinch the pinch.

  Lu seventy-one waved his hand, so that the camera team to calm down impetuous, “as long as you do your job well enough, this piece of live content, law and discipline you can directly cut off the live broadcast, the other, casually took, of course, , try to shoot people look better, we do not have big legs made into a hobbit.”
  [Longevity] domineering
  [Ok, thank you longevity!!!!]
  [This really okay?]
  [Worry about after the warm air live on collapsed]
  [With fear]
  [Come on, I want to have confidence fairy ah!!!]
  [This operation spectators looked good, but the industry and does not match the default norm, worried heater is blocked circle]
  Heater is in [for] Sia
  [Front Seriously?How to do?]
  [Ah look good on the line, even if blocked nothing ah, anyway, fairies so much money, and then open a chant]
  [In front of you is really pink?Fairy said, she devoted a lot of effort in the warm air!!!]
  [Since this is the decision of fairies, we still do our best to support her now]
  [Support, gold coins go up!!!]
  Yu Miaozi holding a cell phone to see the comments, read out to the land seventy-one, “You see, these and other artists because this series of things that fire can warm air was full foreclosed, they are directly quit, not too breach of contract, the whole time you help others to do the wedding dress