People because of what he did during his lifetime judge him dead are dead, just because he used to be a good man, and later on it the evil?What this logic, “Do not say that these others did not, I choose for him on the line.hit.”Xu Hong said, the first attack up.

  In case of Zhou Yu quickly to throw a Taomu Jian, Qin Bo subconsciously take over, but there is no positive and the other confrontation, but avoid the edge to defense-oriented.
  But both of them the strength is not weak, a Wojian Qin Bo, even defensive, not consciously bring a deterrent sword of the Spirit, not to mention 500 years of existence of devils Xu Hong.
  but.Zhou Yu looked at the case of Xu Hong attack, look inside some unconscious compassion.
  His amendment was not five hundred next year for the repair, before that “dilapidated temple”, she had already felt.
  As for why.Expect the accident three months ago, she did not difficult to guess the.
  Fearless consultant that looked at the two of them battle, who merits and demerits thrown a hint of coolness.
  She only just feeling Qin Bo accused logic families of the victims of a problem, and almost directly on the other side bar, now think about it, if that time could hinder their own colleagues, led to his provoking each other, so that he and Xu Hong stood the same front , now how should?
  ”Bo Big Brother!