.”He reached for her cell phone to take over,” I’ll get, you can fill it signed off?”

  Sheng Joe: “Well, open a month membership card receive a retroactive right.”
  Horch point with her cell phone into his super-words, the data do today have done, but also to help her open membership retroactive, engage in a quick half-hour.
  Waist Sheng Xiao Qiao, the hospital still did not forget the occasion of the highest charting, to make her nice rest, Horch only took to their highest charting tasks every day in her verbal instructions, learn a little hit list daily.
  Not easy.
  True important than being the main data.
  After finished out, time is not late, Sheng Joe plane tomorrow morning, noon near Horch.He put away the computer, touched her rabbit ears, “go to bed early, tomorrow I will send you.”
  She shaking his head: “During the day many people, I have family to stay with Jane accompanied Ding, all right.”
  He understood her concerns.Now this time affair broke, definitely not a good thing, these days he is also careful, and good things out there in Jane Ding, a low frequency of his appearances.
  That tonight is goodbye.
  Did not want to upset her, he only smiled: “Well, be careful on the road, go back also to pay attention to safety.”
  She nodded, trying not to show the loss: “Six months have passed one-sixth of the matter, I will soon be able to see you again!Horch,