Heavy on the floor.

An Wei Zhen Wu did not see the meaning of, and Wu Heng Shen North Star disappeared just shows one thing, this house really ghosts, but what is not haunted by ghosts, the greater the likelihood is – people!

Shen North Star who naturally carry majestic Purple, Purple for this evil in terms of simply touch the stuff Half-Life is also going to die, let alone cast her in case of Talisman stars, although only low to prevent the evil character, but this is in accordance with the I Ching visited the matrix method, which will gather around yang, to tread here, not to mention evil spirits, creatures there is no way to do that is.

Text Chapter 240 tracing eye in the sky

Shen North Star can actually be stolen in the blink of an eye her, then there is a possibility, that person can escape her eye in the sky, or is able to deceive her eye in the sky.

An Wei Zhen Talisman stepped forward and picked up the stars, since after a determined man, so look for the residual aura above is the most important.

Wu has been seen from the villa later, Wei Zhen An eye in the sky did not turn off too, but also from the beginning until now, the only safe Zhen has been no longer see any aura, but this was really the stars above a residual Diudiu residual spirit, do not look carefully