The Worst Ranking of twelve Constellation

Twelve is the dirtiest constellation. Do you know who is the dirtiest constellation in inside? As the saying goes, pollution is healthier. Let’s look at the ranking of the most polluted constellations in twelve!   TOP12 Pisces Look at the innocent eyes of Pisces and you will know that none of Pisces’ friends have the heart to pollute Pisces. Naturally, Pisces keeps an innocent heart. Of course, if you have the chance to learn this kind of knowledge, Pisces can learn it quickly.!   TOP11 Leo noble lion disdain to say such vulgar dirty jokes to lower his image, ensure a good image is the first priority, if you say they are dirty, the lion must be with you!   The top ten Libras said that they should be elegant and not dirty. Dirty looks vulgar. They will not do this kind of inelegant behavior. Even if they know it in their hearts, they should pretend not to understand it and behave like noble Leng Yan..   TOP9 Capricorn’s low-key and calm nature is the sign of Capricorn. Dirty has nothing to do with Capricorn. It is only superficial. Capricorn in Man show occasionally makes a sudden speech with facial paralysis. Capricorn knows everything but doesn’t let you know.   TOP8 Aquarius Everyone says that water bottles have no lower limit. That’s because they know too much about water bottles, but they are seldom polluted. After all, this is only a small part of the many interests of water bottles. People are busy doing other things..   TOP7 Sagittarius’s uninhibited and free archer is hardly a human being. Of course, archers are very reserved at ordinary times. They are not dirty in front of strangers, but only in front of friends..   TOP6 Virgo Virgo Virgo Virgo actually has no lower limit in her moral integrity and loves to spit. When she gets a chance, she will say that she is dirty and ignore her image. In a few words, the image of Virgo goddess the god collapses..   TOP5 Taurus Taurus Taurus has always been a serious upright and outspoken. Of course, the more stuffy people are, the more coquettish they are. As long as the switch is turned on, they can pick up any dirty jokes. They also like dirty cold joke very much..   TOP4 Aries pollution is the free mode of Aries, pollution is natural, you have to say that Aries is too dirty people still feel strange, Aries is not like this, pollution is not exaggerated not affectation.   TOP3 Scorpio scorpio is a real scorpio, others say it is dirty, scorpio is really doing it, after all, is a driver’s license for more than ten years of old hand, driving a thief.   TOP2 Cancer Cancer Ranking So High, of course, is “I’ll Let You Gnome Male-“Yu Ching Fei’s Little Brother Pull Up. If you want to say cancer is dirty, people still think you haven’t seen it. Oh, adults don’t know anything about it yet..   TOP1 Gemini’s biggest demon king is Gemini. Gemini’s pollution is the pollution following the trend of the times. Do you know if the dirty jokes should keep pace with the times (Gemini knocks on the blackboard) and who can ride faster than them??! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.