another me

Part one: to another under the stars themselves, 2012 October 4, looking back today, the fourth day of the holiday, the Health and unpredictable night, dormitory gradually quiet down in the light, while listening to pure music while pounding the keyboard, I wrote vulgar log.  The state of my day, still life, still I.Why do I say, of course, I could find a convincing reason.Day in the Life of debris gathered them together, piece together a yesterday.To be sure, I can very clearly tell the difference between today and yesterday.Unfortunately, a bit whimsical, and even punctured leather.  Take care of their own lives, take care of yourself.Multitude of distractions, put them tidy.Cup of gifted musicians United States, to their own drink.Paved bed, you need a clean and comfortable sleep environment.I want to take care of yourself, invisible indifferent, can not find too decadent day to day.I make a wish under the stars, give it another own.  Eat outside explosion sent hot meals, meals have been accustomed to the light, like the light of life, like love.In short, I suddenly hot suddenly pale, mind confused, contradictory.When I saw those like myself, so I do not know who.I know that still can not escape the materialism of the body, not a change of God, not Buddha repair.  Under the sky, above the earth, shall we be able disillusioned and become a monk, which is present in the film and television drama scenes.This life is not possible anymore, look at the afterlife, not sure whether there is an afterlife.However, if these things, I guess past life I was given a brave, indomitable hero.Naked, nothing came to life.I have nothing further to do next?This is an impossible event.  Read the news, seems to have 18 pupils were buried, but also a sad ah.Disaster the world are too much, I still live in my peaceful world, a disaster from the far corners.Universal love for all human beings and called Mercy Corps, called sad lonely widowed mercy scoop.If so Dharma cloud compassion.Determined to compassion, but unable to change.  There are man-made world, but also natural disasters.No way to do things is wonderful, there are flaws.The world is not a paradise, of course, is not hell.In 2012, Mayan prophecies, non-existent, a negative read like; optimistic thought, end of the world, still far far away.I can only guarding their own world, doing their own little tricks.Even if the sky is falling, some people go to the top.Obviously unfounded.  A man’s world, a person’s log, a man quietly.No one likes solitude, no one wants to be a man.Loneliness is that, after sleep, things can be concealed.Well, take a bath, sleep.  Outside, the dark one, like a lonely.    Part II: The Other Side of clouds, summer looking after another vanished own, under the irradiation of the southern sun, hot and then predictable, like a lazy cat, house bed in the bedroom, swaying with the complicated state of mind, warm, moist air seems to be strangling, dry throat, mouth welled up in spite of herbal tea flavor, but in the end could not swallow this refreshing pleasure.  Helpless, I turned the few books borrowed from the library a few days ago, Russell’s philosophical, almost to be reformed my view, what is the nature of the substance, what is idealistic materialistic doctrine, numerous atomistic statement from time to time the collision inherent cognitive.Strike count, close the books, looking at the clouds in the sun, can not help, think of the summer of that year, under the same sun, clouds end of the line, that year is still there, I can not deny, you old time I face, tender years, have been turned into unrepeatable once, it is like a lonely standing balcony, looking out at the rain, the envy of raindrops dripping down the freedom to fly, but could not bear heavy fall to the ground in pain, you can do It can only be a helpless sigh.This Raindrops Is not this like the passing of time, the face once, we can do, in addition to memories, what else?  Perhaps you will say, is a tribute to the memories of time, at least that we do not ever forget the gifts and giving, joy, or sadness, separation, or a reunion, all in all, never flinched escape, dare look once recalled, is the real warriors.This, I do not do too much to explain, I agree with this understanding.Under the cloud of the sky, with the air flow surging slowly drift from your eyes, I just want to pursue that year I, if still cloud the other side, is still there today, I silently watching.  I’m grateful for the generous gift of time, but I disdain time to escape the merciless.  Twenty years ago the summer, a pair of bright eyes still curiously watching the blue sky, crying ridiculous, childish naughty, tied to the feeling, the cloud of the other side, someone shouting at.Fifteen years ago the summer, kindergarten toys, let the clouds in the sky lost its charm attracted me, no longer accustomed to rise, play all day, but still feeling that someone somewhere watching.Summer decade ago, the building blocks no longer appropriate toys, books began to occupy the retinal nerves, what cloud in the sky, full of water vapor, but the feeling was, still patiently watching.Nightlife Network five years ago in the summer, so I first met to you, and since then, slowly the attention, however, was still looking.Today, I finally know who it is, it is not others, but my other self, that is my eternal, unchanging me, I have been in the best state, in heaven, in the other side of the clouds, I and he has agreed.Gift of time, so he was there, with enough opportunities, with carefully recorded once in the past; the merciless time, let me in here, step by step closer to him until the last moment gone, just let me meet with him.  Cloud the other side, the other side of the cloud of silent agreement, tacit waiting for the other side of the cloud, the cloud of time to arrange the other side, the other side of the clouds youth no regrets, my thanks to another own time, even if the old face, even burning passion, even erase the younger, however, I gradually approached another of my own, let me a deep understanding of, and expectations, is a vision, recall, is a pleasure, thanks to a gift of time, for some reason goes without saying that the same, thanks to relentless time, With infinite reverence for Our time, forward, toward the other side of the cloud.  Night has gradually replaced the light of day, cloud has been quietly leave, do not worry, I’m still there, I’m also here.How about you, the other side of the cloud, you are not looking for another.    Part three: the years of his other self Volume Choi Sau hospitality offering of jade bell, the year when the fight was Drunk red looked up, a childlike face, not off; Dimei at an instant face the vicissitudes of life.Perhaps, time will eventually grow old, it is too late to wait until the frost bully on the temples, and even too late to wait until the memory of the warmth slowly Tuisan – yes, I finally have to grow old, even though time would not in my face, leaving twenty seven marks, but I finally had to grow old.When I stand here, feeling dazed once, looking at past scenes reappear in front, I know that, regardless of my body is still in what age, I finally have to grow old.  I can not remember the last time as pure and simple as it is today, maybe five years, maybe ten years, maybe ten years, I only remember that day, perhaps not in the playing jigsaw puzzle game, however, we have really no such efforts as the movement today too, perhaps, in the years to come, we have to own vague love the girl to show off, try to be brave, looking forward, even with fear.No purpose, just to the most simple victory; no tricks, just poorly significant arrayed his love; even no results, because this is the most left in the depths of our hearts the most beautiful results.  ”Choi Sau hospitality offering of jade bell, when the fight was Drunk Red” and “left the silver Gang shine tonight, I still fear Encounter is a dream”, when presented one by one in front of those in the past, when those dim slowly clear in my mind, I can only stroking the forehead and gazed at each fresh face, perhaps, we are not far from those of past innocence never waiting around us.But, even so, we will eventually have to grow old, so it has a deep feel nostalgic, just with a touch of melancholy, however, all this already is not important, because this moment is eternal, we will eventually know, we used to have been, and will always have, and that is that our souls have been wandering in the deepest, most have already began to smile!  Volume II Qi said no clothes?And sub-colleague had a touch of haze hidden in your heart, there is a shake to touch your soul, then this is the fear.When I stood a mere nine meters in the air, it suddenly hit nothing to rely on, so I really felt the fear.I thought, even when 14 typhoons swept Shenzhen, and I have never been back from the 18th floor, then the mere fear of heights and the height of nine meters, it is not enough to become any obstacle.Then when I actually stood there, I fear, and back, and even thought of giving up, however, at this time, I heard the voice of workers, have seen their shadow, I feel more courage!At that moment, I think I finally beyond the self, even though in most people’s eyes, but that is just a mere step!I can not remember how long have not had the courage to get from others, like me, bones reveals a proud man, even bothered to work with others, but do not need to pray for anyone’s help, however, when I finally face the fear, the original , but also so fragile that even a trace of relying on distant, eventually, became overcome their unique weight!  Warriors, not fearless, but can go beyond fear.I finally understand that the original so-called powerful, but because we work together, never betray; the original so-called brave, but because we go hand in hand, through thick and thin!”Qi said no clothes?And sub-colleague “in this collective appeal, I finally regained the ability to cooperate.A lonely man, even though he can ignore the pain, but only the power of a group of people together, to make everyone Beyond Fear!  ”Qi said no clothes?The child with Ze “,” Qi said no clothes?The child with skirts, “we are finally together, we will be able to surmount all obstacles, because, had nine meters in the air, we have been at each other strength and courage from!  Work together, never betray.    Part Four: This is another own text put space for several days, sometimes a mood for taste alone.Not to think about because the text is born of love from when, accompanied by the text in the front line of the road can go long, warm days of each other for how long?Do not want retroactive, can not be measured, not calculated.Along the way much touched in the heart, speechless, silent joy, only put into words.- Inscription I have long been accustomed front row with a silent gesture, in the living room to text, nobody alone; I like a man of solitude, loneliness a little lonely state of mind, nothing to brothels.Sometimes, because a gust of wind, or rain coming, he reminds me of some things; so, those beautiful feelings of sadness and sorrow arose spontaneously, as falling petals lightly in front.Sometimes, I just want to quietly watching, not to capture; just gently spread out palm, so that the petals through the fingers, through the fleeting, through years of wind, every now and then, gone, disappeared.Sometimes, will feel lonely, lonely is not because of missing anyone, but only like this because the text and rendered blurred cold atmosphere.Sometimes, I just want to sit still, what do not want, do not write, do not look, open the computer, only for the songs; a song, a past, a mood, answered gently interpretation of the mind, again, twice , three times.At this point, any words are superfluous, the text is silent child, phonology is the best lover; mood along with ups and downs, indulge them, lingering love, voiceless curls, just like fishes continuously filled between floral heart.Almost midnight after midnight, accompanied by the window Yuet breeze, listening ear voiceless curls, think of some things; time Enron quiet beauty, leisurely heart lotus in full bloom, one, two, three.Those years have not caught the fog began to write, when confusion and confusion, I can only search in reading and confirmation; With wise idea to give yourself a glorious beacon forward, to find the light where.And, when I began to learn the text by means of dredging heart hardship and emotional confusion, but often words do not convey; often, the heart has Wanyu, pen weakness, usually a very small number, it is difficult to express inner millionth.In these online writing slowly become a habit, these words coherence of my life and emotion, presented in a privately or publicly candidly reveal the hidden form.Fingertips fleeting long, eat only a little mind, I have a cynical.So hearty, I have enjoyed!  Text, let me find life an outlet, I am eager to find another means of writing their own; the written word of this to me, real, natural, straightforward, poetic sad, lonely or aloof meaning, or are gratifying warm me, but I!You questioned Ye Hao, no matter whether you believe in, no one can change my slightest.I have a very tough battle in the text, weeping with joy in the text, bloodiest in the text; peaceful coexistence in the text, focused portrait in the text, so privacy is so blatantly.  You disappear in my life those long years, I can only use these covered with tears the heart of the word, say something to yourself.Ear wind, the clouds drifting across the head, and the rain wet your memory, except between the lines, your shadow never clear; and you Admittedly, I was the background of your life, this life stubborn pride occupy your memory, I bound your memories never fade.I, the other is your own, you have to admit, our souls have merged!  ”Ultimately, I want to stay in their own words, see their lives have had swagger.”- words seen elsewhere, coincident with my own heart, borrowed on here.”The carnival and love on the written word is the most sensible, since they have no residence.”- like this sentence, but also borrowed signature.These two “another self”, always in my mind downturn appears.I was able to escape to open “another self” you can do?I ask myself over and over again.No, never!  I admit, I also have fragile helpless.Fragile, I would suspect, I will back down, I began to use another way autistic isolated himself.So, I found – I lose.I began autistic, will dive into the deep sea themselves, isolated, do not communicate, do not talk, cleanup alone, to reflect retrieval and discovery.I try to make myself another surfaced, found that those beautiful souls stuck it in the dark, with their noble gesture facing the wind and rain, shine in the sun.Quiet beauty of the day, our cozy calm one; when the storm struck, did not forget the warmth hands, low life as see the most beautiful values – truth and trust!  This morning, in the space of a diary to see someone give me a message, a sentence of heart-warming words are a gentle attack from the silent, quietly, like a long-lasting.Touched thousands, I am speechless, only put into words.Human life, in each of the different stages to like something, appreciate someone is not difficult, just try to find its glittering, dazzling whom you can make a little while; but last for years, like silent quietly concerned about a person is not easy.  This world is too noisy noisy, too many temptations, people tend to mind uncertain, wavering, emotional flooding; who else would anyone fond of, infatuation does not regret, forever?Difficult, difficult, difficult!!Fell in love with the text, write the text fall in love with a woman, from a discovery, find yourself another.And, this love between woman and woman, the more valuable rare.Therefore, I have reason to indulge themselves again and again in the text, addiction.This life, we are always looking for, the poor and blue sky, past lives, this quest.  You, in fact, another looking for their own!