Another graduation season

But also a year of graduation season, engraved with the huge “University of South China,” Mao four words on the East Gate of the ancient meandering building, a great school of bustling scene erect, the East entrance lined pool shaped flower bed exudes a touch of rose fragrance , falling scarlet petals indicates that it wants into Chunni more quadrangle, epic lying on the soil under the rose branches, wearing a Bachelor of service also indicates the seniors sister school to talk about the joy of laughter and blunt pictures posture is about to wave goodbye to the vicissitudes of the old man on campus, I already gone through two graduation season, I always feel a long way off for graduation.    Freshman ignorant timid self-conscious now a well-tempered with age and exhausted, cynical sophomore, has long been slack now heavy work pressures bearing down and the pursuit of dreams, junior aching work and approached the warning but also leisurely, seniors are anxious to run around and seniors dressed in suit and tie kicked off, blink of an eye next summer is to really leave their city life for four years, four years of struggle ivory tower, and I did not want to learning to say goodbye.(Prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) hot June graduation season mixed with a touch of sadness so quietly spread, despite the intolerable heat of the day from the mattress pale and delicate seniors face is imperceptible, but in the paint full cream rouge school the melancholy expression sister or sweeping drunk when their defense is removed the moment, crush confession of whether or graduate to follow the footsteps of a step away from me.    I always accompany my seventh floor at this four-year old school library overlooking the local area, surrounded by trees, teaching building patchwork, came in the evening watching the comings and goings of students, wanton soil respiration evening the smell of sun exposure, from the bottom of my heart that kind of relaxed approach stomach, because that is the city too few smell of gas is also very valuable, despite being just another cover up the exhaust!    In particular, female students in a variety of mottled shadow under the sparse shade of thick thick yellow and green light against the background of carrying a light beige bag hurry, Pa sure that the school in order to catch the classroom, in small groups sandwiched basketball We talk a lot about the game in wonderful spike jersey Prince, harmony, and I was always a man climbing on those who were difficult to walk the ladder library, and a nice ring to pass, but unfortunately also the shallow edge sometimes staring blankly into the distance, sometimes flirting couple standing watch, learn like a baby as Jiaochen girls, I must say graduation back when a ghost, the protagonist campus bizarre deaths ghost loose is hanging in Shuya, ferocious eyes, protruding into the eye makeup, and then let you enjoy the shoot, when to give you a free sample return, of course, is the real intention of myself as a collection.    I was so unwilling to end the school career, social life, although I do a good job to make some desperate struggle with the secular preparation, ready to experience gives me a colored dye society, but I still unwilling to leave so on a four-year courses like a faltering old man standing in a wind eagerly looking forward to teaching, and before a grand staircase that teach a wide trapezoid, as well as national defense and national anthem every morning accompanied by the beat slowly by hand pull up the flag of the flag station, every road all too familiar, every corner of the footprints.The reality is that these things are throbbing youth in the memory forever, but also with time, age, outlook on life, and slowly, slowly change.