Annihilation of the world

“Go hand in hand together, lie to you is the dog” laughing children live so simple, innocent smile on their faces is really not out of imitation, no wonder they have called for the angels.With them over time it will be assimilated, and seemed to be back in the face of pure azure like snot hanging time.Heart can not point threw her arms, and then, straining to fall while cried, while the crystal face hard rub.Oh, lovely child, this time Hou “victim” will not mind, face Yun Ying is spoiled, is kind. But now we can do this, and now we have a little mistake could be stormy fight back, no one will really care for you, maybe you’ll think of parents at this time, but you have the heart to do, they are so old, actions some of them might still be inconvenient for you to run around toil, using a variety of ways for you to share those concerns.So, growth is a straitjacket, whether on the material or spiritual, but we can not refuse to play with time.Must not indulge in childhood nostalgia, because maybe you hesitate when the moment of your opponent, your enemy does not, since you have your world to concentrate on operations, as for his own worst enemy in me to vulgar ridiculous.You may play scheming to own it, you may vote for yourself you will do in the eyes of my feet. The single line that childhood has long been replaced by a strip patchwork net, I trapped the door in the middle of this network had to walk through every day.Bale, so be it, the meaning of life is busy, since this original look will eventually fade away, then all this in the original inclusion was also eventually into no trace of dust.