Annals of life

Human Jesus was born that year as the first year of the year, since the history of mankind has a coordinate.BC called before a certain, after certain years called AD.    China put some major events written into the coordinates 221 BC, Qin Shi Huang unified the land, creating a centralized despotism, feudal society since the continuation of this pattern.1840 Opium War, China began to become a semi-feudal society until mid-1949, began to have an independent coordinates.In mid-1978, are the coordinates of reform.    Each person’s life, though short, but also a coordinate.Origin falls born that year, a certain period of time, a certain length and a certain number of days, a number of weight, born in a certain hospital.Your life at the moment they start dating.This became a memorable day, written account of this, identity card income, the annual commemoration of the moment but also with a cake.A point on each painting a cake, put your life into the previous step.    The coordinates, the first in months, to years later, and then later the number of years for the period.When you are four months long tender two teeth, mothers would write down.Six months, you suddenly grew even lying by the bed to sit up, his mother a note.Nine months, you learned to dog paddle, still immature to call his mother, mother a note of excitement in your coordinates in.When twelve months, you shake the East West Akira toddler, his mother put you down.    Three years old when you were in kindergarten, four years into large classes, five years into preschool.On a year-old.Twelve years old to junior high school, fifteen-year-old high school into the.Eighteen years of age to enter university.Are incorporated into the coordinates of your life, underline the punctuation.Around the time you start, I hope to grow up early.    Graduating college start time breakdown: rustic freshman, sophomore ignorant blurred, joy junior and seniors do not want to go back.Your life occurred when entering the university coordinate a major turning point, a coordinate every year, you learn to nostalgia, hope can no longer grow up, not forward coordinates.    University graduate in the year you must always remember: a certain period of a day, started to enter the community, there are more inexperienced blurred curious entering the community.After a month to go to work, you got the first salary, that day you will specify the coordinates where, even in the past many years, will still remember.    After two or three years you dating married, the wedding day is a turning point punctuation of your life, it has been every year wedding anniversary.Still later a child is born, his or her birthday every year to become miss your time, you start to forget their wedding anniversary and birthday, and if you count the previous generation as the children of a few teeth, watching the children will take a few months, and then talking, walking, and when children in elementary school, high school, college, married, until now you have been into old age, look back at that deep and shallow, long or short segments and coordinates, only lament, life is so short.    You grown old to go, but finally fight time, no match for the disease, in a certain period of a certain day moment closed his eyes.The day you come to the end coordinates.Someone in your tomb engraved with your birth and death years, from the beginning to the end, but just a few decades.