Angry Camel

Western movie in Ningxia.In general such as jagged cut below the sky Helan Mountain, especially in the Shapotou sand that steep hill on the edge of the Tengger Desert, I saw thousands of camels laden bite the bullet tourists up the mountain, down the mountain.  I can bear to have such a world of suffering, to endure humiliation, whipping and silently endure even the survival of ancient animals and surprised, and moved.  They tall body, strong slender four legs, a long curved neck, small head, four walking dune Rulvpingdi large bowl hoof general, all the travelers Mainland shocked.  I do not understand such a big ungulates, there is so much ability, why should the subject of human greed only two legs?  I also feel deep sorrow.  Golden Week holiday in seven days that each tourist attractions Ningxia are overcrowded, packed.The tourists must place camels, there must be a rope tied into a long string of caravans.  They walk in the desert ridge, even flirtatious prostitutes, not vulgar Chennai lady, childish little girl can ride it, you can treat them as things crotch.Managed only, their presence is Shapotou, is one of the most beautiful scenery on the Tengger Desert.  I see them again and again in order to raise people’s desires camel, repeated and repeated pack up the mountain, down the mountain, a moment’s pause of the main people earn back a lot a lot of money.When they finally had a chance to rest for a while when lying down in the desert, they were already tired, exhausted of the long slender neck stretched out on the sand, drooping head, foaming at the mouth, and even mouth and nose are unable to move about, flapping about, even sleepy eyes could not open, and then affixed to the mouth next to the sand, only a silent gasp.  My eyes suddenly filled with tears.  My brother camel Yeah, I know, this moment, and your chest is certainly full of sadness and frustration, but why do not you angry?Why do not you get rid of your rope leash to go rebelled?Or flee?!  I just Shapotou home for two days to see a message on the expiration of a newspaper: the National Day in 2012 is still a few days, in the Gansu Dunhuang Mingsha camel pack for days people down the mountain.That day, when the horse and camel camels had more than twenty people, among which are drawn down in the desert.Foaming at the mouth, it never closed its eyes a pair of despair.  Ningxia home from a full six months, I do not want to mention that word camel.When children see the long desert caravans on the TV screen, I prefer to believe that a bunch of Chinese ancient hieroglyphs, it is a masterpiece of ink scroll.  When I read and peruse Wu Zuoren, Huang Zhou, Liu Dawei, when the minor axis Huai Shan scroll painting their camels, I suddenly burst of inspiration, drew a head swipes asked the day, issued a scream of anger camel.I inscription on the painting is “angry camel,” but also added something segments with running script Explanation: At this moment, filled with anger, sadness full internal organs, to whom complaints have?On Gee!I only asked the head of days, you may have eyes?!  Friends rope painting, I put this piece I think is quite satisfied with the work given to him, who knows he saw a long time, not very happy, he thought the camel is to bite the bullet and selfless dedication of animals, I like painting, is contrary to the big the laws of nature, unreasonable.  I angrily to recover the paintings, such as horse angry camel: you do not, I could not bear to give you miles!  In the office of another friend, the three of us in a chat process, I took out the photograph of my sketch freehand brushwork, the friend will Yixianzhixia eyes shine, excited.I hurriedly asked: “Can you give me this picture?”He thought: Well this picture is like children in other new CD, or is an alternative, others never painted a thing.  When I can promise to give him this painting children when another friend who suddenly ecstatic, very touched.  On the way home, though I ridiculed my first friends do not understand art, but praised the second friend also quite objectionable.  In fact, it is my whim, Graffiti of a play for, nothing extraordinary of.But does the world really do not have an angry camel?!I do not believe!