Angel’s tears

Moonlit weak, faint dream-like, through the swaying branches, through the glass crystal clear, a gentle sprinkle the house.Soft luminous as if to discern the voice of each person.Tomorrow take up heavy luggage, set foot on the train bound for the North.Wall clocks spray dots along, autumn bypass the windowsill, a book on the desk turned page after page, also Dangqi burst after burst of memories.    Spring in March, the recovery should be grass, peach full of hills, quiet Kobayashi yard, creek sections microwave float, the wind around the ears, ten flowers.Everything is so perfect, so everything is intact, everything is so harmonious.Small town, float over Meng Meng filaments, luminous in the dark with a slight sigh.March intermittent light rain, nurtured countless natural life, also gave birth to a little life.Nightlife Network pond Lotus was exposed sharp angle, playing with playmates, tender chubby little hands over eyes Yang point to themselves.”You’re not good, his face black specks there are stars, we do not play with you!”I burst into tears wronged, choked and ran home, ran into her mother’s arms, puzzled mother,” who bully a small baby of our family, and cry, and small insects about to nose out slightly, mother you cook your favorite pasta with egg.”I Poti and laugh.Early summer night sky echoed with cries of cicadas sing, blowing cool foothills of bamboo creaking.Under the eaves of a small, little body roll in her mother’s arms, like a naughty little lazy cat, my mother humming a ditty, gently patting Pushan repel mosquitoes.Looking at the stars, flashed a wink.Hands encircle her mother’s neck, big eyes wide open.”Mom, why is there a black spot on my face, but it is not next door chubby!”Mom night sky thoughtfully, his eyes laughing in a line.”Because our family baby is not the same as other children, when you are born in the middle of the night in the rain, you almost naughty disobedient to her mother’s life, the angels see my mother too poor, I moved to shed tears, in your face, leaving a drop of tears, grateful mother angel, it is this tiny drops of tears, crowded the nursery mother instantly recognize you, the first time you can see in a classroom filled with children in shadow.”My mother hold hands, face the music into two rosy apples.Mom heavy Qinliaoyikou.    Since then, the children have to show off in front of the capital, a bit less sad, a little more self-confidence.Time in the mountains of trees painted around and around, in the courtyard of a small sapling has gradually grown up, like her mother’s hands clutch the strange and gradually alienated.Autumn leaves off the last one, scoop a spoonful of warm water, “Mom, I’ll give you hand wash it!The chill off.”A pair of cold hands and full of calluses handed over, a Road blood oozing cracks, like in the depths of winter is about to fall off the old bark.Her thin and slender, jumping can dance on the canvas, embroidered flowers and birds of skilled become blurred in memory.Can not withstand the ravages of wind and rain, life is like a knife in her hand relentlessly drew a knife and a knife.He looked up at her mother, had Shuangbin dye cream, eyes sunken.Original mother is old, really old, read it slowly than a dozen set, I did not know how my mother is old, for their own children to the mountains, living with weak fingers to hold up their own one day.    Moonlight so worry people, the breeze off the heart of the heat wave, hot tears in his eyes.Turn over and sit in court thought, bask in the moonlight.Gently opened the door, he saw the familiar and busy, “how up?Before dawn, I will sleep, and so I ask you familiar.””I.I’m thirsty, drink a glass of water.”And I like boiled noodles with egg.Every time away from home before going out on the table will be filled with hot pasta one night.Dim light, the mother figure appears particularly vulnerable old.The windows started to bear on the fog.Gently bent down to share a bench with her mother, looking at the red-hot charcoal, his eyes covered with a layer of fog, really want a wall clock can stay for a while, dawn will really left!    Clock on the wall still could not stop, day or bright.Horizon thrown sunrise, dyed the whole town, north of the train slowly started, earthy fragrance of getting away from the familiar silhouette gradually out of sight.I think the northern winter in the snow must be great!!