Angel Tears

Part One: After Angel tears Angel Tears track wheel is still turning the track wheel is still turning trembling dew on the rose petals, it is an angel’s tears?  — prelude to the sun, no, the haze of mist obscure, repressed breath.  Warm, not, surrounded by zero temperature, quickly warm his right hand with the left hand.  Wheel tracks, without being crushed wheels of time, had changed the original direction.  Has lost count, it is what made me change on seasonal become so numb.Take a look at the crowd the streets, gem shops, fiery night market, its own way, as if the wheel of history being not hesitate to drown out the tracks of time, roared up and ran forward.  Feeling the rapid passage of time, all we reached the place, all belong to yesterday.Even if that mountain again green, that water in the show, then that soft wind.Deep nostalgia becomes a yoke, caught not only the feet, but also the future.Change, can not, can not change anything, only to let the time to change our future, not just the poor known reverie.  Fallen gradually became synonymous with cowardice, and we do not like children umbrella, can only run aimlessly.In the long road, a lot of times do not even know they had deviated from the original path, when we despair of the road ahead, lonely, cold has cropped up, the only thing we can do is to warm his right hand with his left hand.  Angel could not bear to tear commitment!  Between heaven and earth, there is a thing called snow, on behalf of the holy, when falling in his hands, fall on the hands, into the water, wet your hands, wash heart.Angel had now already know where to fly, hate the winter full of tragic color, make own breath through the issue of loss of sense of smell, smell the taste of the joy, holding a book, opened the first page, there is no courage to turn down.  Do not want to think about it, do not want to think about it, every time their loved ones back home are looking forward to the eyes, heart, severe pain, grandmother chatter, said the heart was stinging, even the feeling of escape from home, home, home, home is not warmest place in it?But I feel strange cold, accusing conscience, I have fallen, but only cowardly excuse.The weather is always misty, fog magic is already real to the enemy.Do not know how to fight, to be polished smooth, no walk in the playground, dry red maple leaves falling down, the ground covered in mud, the wind blows also carried by the wind, the leaves do not know whether to leave has to follow the wind.  Every day will be happy when it rains, I do not know whether it is God or a tired Gu pity, fortunately I still have friends, brothers, invisible fate do not know for how long, might gradually fade, perhaps permanently.We do not always know how to cherish the present one.In the unpredictable reunion, we think that we will meet again, always destined again will always think that the opportunity to say “sorry”, but never thought of waving goodbye every time is likely to be goodbye, every sigh, is likely to be The last human sigh.For love, girls wear a white dress, straight hair draped over her shoulders, Hazel, beach, fireworks, a lifetime love.  Not far from heaven and earth, not ends of the earth, but when two people together, from the beating heart of that two.  Who gave us confidence?friend.  Who gave us courage?friend.  With friends, absolutely invincible.  He discovered, identified roses on trembling dew, angel’s tears.    Part II: Angel tears if there is a girl cry for you, so please pay close attention to life her hand, she can accompany you through the whole life.  Ever heard of, every girl is a mistake and fall to the earth angel, doomed to a lifetime of tears shed for his beloved boy.  I will cry for you, you know.?Nightlife net you are a stupid people, do not know how to express love, do not know how to make me happy.But you will when I’m sad, calling my name over and over again, you will be with me, quietly, as I carefully wiped tears from his eyes.Happiness is really very simple, day to stay around you, I am so happy, even if I have to eat dinner in the cafe every day, I would feel very happy.  I’ve lost you two years in the past two years, I stay quiet in their own world, happiness, joy, sorrow and sadness, I have been a person of.Now, I’m back to their familiar place, watching the people they are familiar, and you stay around, I feel really warm.  Once, I was so sad, so eager was accompanied; now, what I have, I should be satisfied.However, sometimes I do not know but like to meet a child, wayward thought, just follow your heart can find their own happiness.That time, I was trapped in his own troubles in.The world is so small, my heart is so small, but, even my little heart can not be put into a complete human heart.Had been looking forward to the crossroads, I look forward to that person met, the event has gone.However, in the corner of the intersection, I think that will not happen again, but stood there, quietly, quietly has been waiting for me.The world is so strange, perhaps this is the fate, our fate together again.  Meet, miss, look back, and our future way to go – it was said: Love will expire.Our love will expire right, then, let me take better care of us right now.  Still time goes by, everyone had their own life.I am now, I have this small, meet in their own world.We can hold hands, walked every street, every intersection, has embarked on a long, steep steep ladder up to the door of the house.Sometimes it is so in your arms, gently hugged by you, I really feel like the happiest person in the world.  Legend, happiness is a glass ball, when it fell broken into one place, everyone has the right Qushi leaned over to pick their own happiness.I wish I could do a pick up so pick a happy child with childlike simplicity and joy.In fact, I want to have a happy thing is very simple, we just bent on it, is not it?  Escape it once, when silent tears fall in my heart, everything has gone – I fell in the night alone, the hearts are intense pain, my tears of sadness you can not read cohesion.”Oudi pig,” You are my pig, pig belongs only to me, I can not read the sad pig.In fact, as long as you have been so good to me, I’ve been very satisfied.I know that people can not be greedy, so I no longer business as usual, you always wanted to know my thoughts guessed.Because even if you could not guess, I’ll give you a hint, let you guess.  Remember the poem I wrote to you it?”I ask Wandering Road, Acacia sent remark”.Now you feel my thoughts of you do?Not far away you travel, it should have been sleeping, but I hope you can feel my heart.  Suddenly think of Faye Wong’s song “red”, “Before you put red beans boiled ↓ lingering wounds.”.Every time KTV I will sing, I do not know if you understand my heart was.I would like this text fields, preparing for your kind my red beans, hoping it would have been for you Acacia, it has been for you – then finally, let us take this song to listen to “red”, quiet, nothing to think , just listen to music –