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Andrias not many people know, then I can be home, almost everyone. Giant salamander, is endemic to China’s large amphibious rare animals.Both ornamental scientific value but also edible medicinal value, only distributed in some rivers.Because it sounds rarely heard and the number is very rare, very difficult sound collection.It sounds very similar to the baby crying, so called “giant salamander.”It’s actually not a fish but a early as the age of dinosaurs previously existing carnivorous amphibian species, with a high scientific value. “Salamander born in the mountain streams, like catfish, which have four feet, long tail can be a tree……Sound like children cry.”This is Chen hidden device back in” the Compendium of Materia Medica, squama four “record. Because it has a high edible and medicinal value and has long been a large number of people hunting.Although currently listed as second-class protected animals, but there are still poaching occurs when the number is very rare.Many places have disappeared.Signifying its precious nature. Andrias is a genus of giant salamander.In addition to Cryptobranchus salamander (Andrias the Americas), and the rest distributed in Asia are China and Japan giant salamander Andrias two kinds can be found in China, Japan, streams, ponds, the general life of fifty to six years, but also said to survive up to eighty to one hundred years.Chinese giant salamander commonly known as “salamander”, whichever sounds like a baby crying; Japanese giant salamander, commonly known as “big salamanders”, from which the body has Sansho taste. The largest remaining three giant salamander.Chinese giant salamander can grow up to eight meters, the Japanese giant salamander can grow up to five meters, Cryptobranchus salamander can grow up to 75 centimeters.Is a common oblong shape, short limbs, four fingers forelimbs, hind toe, webbed feet flat side has a short tail.I do not know who or mistaken fish, in fact, belong to amphibians, water and breathe with gills, lungs and skin to breathe water for external use, skin mucous membrane only, without scales covering. They forage at night to fish and crustaceans as food, but because of poor eyesight, can only be perceived by the head and body to detect changes in the water pressure to prey.During the mating season, they swim upstream, the eggs after fertilization, male juvenile salamander protect at least six months, until they have the ability to self-up hunt. 1726, a Swiss doctor found a fossil, and this fossil was a religious fanatic natural scientists deemed sinful human remains during the great flood described in the Bible, and called witnesses flood.1802, Thales Netherlands Museum bought the fossil (still is its collection), until 1812, Georges Cuvier fossil was only verified as giant salamander. In China, it is mainly being produced in the Yangtze River, Yellow River, Pearl River and tributary streams, mountains or deep valleys, and endangered species. Its meat flavor the United States, rich in collagen, eat it with beauty, anti-aging effect, is truly rare delicacies.It is recognized as valuable supplements market in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia. According to clinical studies of its anemia, cholera, dysentery, and so on through blood diseases have a significant effect.At the same time, it can promote the biosynthesis of cell DNA, enhance the body’s immune system, enhance the disease resistance.While the skin secretion of mucus can prevent leprosy.As well as its skin, stomach, tail, blood, fat, glandular secretions have high medicinal and health value, known as “water ginseng” and “soft gold” much Chinese and foreign consumers of all ages. It’s back colorful, hand-like limbs, forelimbs, hind limbs such as fingers foot, mouth large and loud sounds, like a baby crying, Quintana shiny shiny, very beautiful, ignorant lovely, eye-catching, can park, zoo, resort to add new colors, with high ornamental value. At the same time, because it comes from the ancient, primitive species of water into terrestrial amphibians, so the evolution of animal science and research has extraordinary value. Adapt its performance is very strong, fast growth, immunity is also very strong, so the artificial breeding, then more substantial economic benefits. And where my hometown is natural “salamander” growth.In early childhood, we heard there a catch here caught a.I heard more year Zhuxi near Heavenly appear on a large number of giant salamander weeping tree, the villagers did not dare to disturb things, very legendary. And I really know salamander has been five years ago.It is working really tired, you go home and do 特种养殖场 love to discuss, the main sales giant salamander breeding project.For the first time to see for themselves if their style in a place close to home visits.See it that original cuddly looks, then that is shocked and comfort.I thought someone would not extinct breed.But the thought that the purpose of breeding for human consumption or other purposes, and some unkind.But this is a good project at the time, then, to continue to investigate more than a month, the final decision in his hometown of Lake Yingyugou build farms.After six months of hard work always wishing two dozen acres of land the size of standardized farms built. So, immediately began to feed and aquaculture breeding and propagation.After more than three months, have been successful, everything is ready, only a strong wind.However, just when I want to start a lot of breeding, the end of twelve political situation changed, and two or three thousand pound sudden decline in value to the original four hundred dollars.The reason is that the average person is not the giant salamander affordable.Most government officials, consumer, food or give it away.A government anti-corruption, anti-corruption, non-public funds after the project was done no.After careful calculations, I might as well go to work to work out.The result is more than one million yuan throwing in the mountains ditch, until now my giant salamander also abandoned the farms, can not be put into operation. It made me understand many things.As they saying goes, “life, only three meters are worth less than l.”If you want to make a fortune, I did not have the fiscal hair, just have to accept.Of course, I do not believe in fate, destiny in their own hands, oh accounts, is trying to pay can be changed, but the timing and conditions are often dumbfounding. For several years, the market has been waiting for the rebound giant salamander, the fact is, it is difficult to pick up, perhaps, never again turn for the better. The thought of this origin and giant salamander will make people frustrated.To not just a question of money.More importantly, this form is not economically farms will be less and less, while the giant salamander and perhaps will face possible extinction, it will be another great human tragedy.Think about it, regret it a matter of course students, however. I write to you, not help think of many legends about the beautiful and moving northwest Hubei giant salamander. There is a place called Tiger ditch.The terrain is relatively steep, the river cold winter, summer is flash floods.Some school to study on children usually are too “Shi Buzi”, often due to water-cooled and flash floods could not pass the ditch affect learning and worry.One day, several children suddenly due to torrential rain had little anxiously waiting for the big people in the gutter to pick.Suddenly there is a child shouting “Kanla, what is that?Our marching her back can be passed.”We saw a great fish like fish, tadpoles tadpole like the guy across the middle of the minor groove.See this strange way, the children hurried back, afraid to go.But then she heard the baby crowing, “Come on, be assured, stepped go from me, nothing would happen.”Look at the weather getting dark, a courageous little boy kicked the back foot on the monster’s very easy to jump to the other side.”Nothing, Come!”Thus, the children shook emulate the security of all over the ditch.But when the kids look at it is invisible. Great people know about it, then burn incense and bow down to the gutter, to show gratitude.Since then, as long as the weather is very encounter, where it will shuttle the kids, and the kids sometimes tease a few.Later, people know it is a big giant salamander, a kind of giant salamander. But then, suddenly one day, the children found the middle of the stream water ditch suddenly more than a big rock and it exactly the same time for the kids to and from school, but from living it missing.More surprising is that no matter how small torrents how much children can go to school safely over the ditch. To commemorate it, put the original “Tiger ditch” to “doll gully”, and still in use. Giant salamander, is the gift of God, the nature of the spirit of things, it’s a treasure for all humanity; its contribution to human life is immeasurable, let us love together and make sure it multiply the human creature! The evening of 1 May 2017 and the northwest