The overseas students' training by ": seize the opportunity to face the challenges of the workplace

In an interview during the basketball player, Lu Yu Ran feel their humor and vitality, but also feel their longing for China's。
Pictured Lu Yu Ran (left) and Miami Heat player photo。
Students study abroad, internships and practice to grasp the opportunity to enhance their professional skills, determine career planning, to adapt to the future of the workplace environment etc help。
But in practice to bring help to the students at the same time, often full of difficulties and challenges。
Internship opportunities, for acquaintance recommended for students, finding a favorite professional counterparts and internship abroad is not easy。 Zhao Yu studied at Emory University, he studied business studies and economics double degree in mathematics at school。
In the just-concluded mid-summer 2017, he introduced into the New York investment bank internships through alumni。 Zhao Yu said: "China and, like most US companies only recruit interns juniors, sophomores to find an internship is very difficult, especially for international students。 "He said that because the company is not publicly recruit interns, only to find internships through an acquaintance recommended way, this process is not easy。 Contact Alumni and seek their help, like a process of exploration in the dark, do not know who can help you, but need to constantly try。 Every opportunity is through the efforts come, we are hard to come by。 Zhang Qichen now studying film editing professional Dongguk University, through internships, the expertise to apply their knowledge is particularly important for the profession。 She said: "internship opportunities to enter the crew are generally acquaintances acquaintances to get in the way。
For international students, the company entered a joint venture between China and South Korea is relatively easy, but the difficulty of entering a Korean crew on the big lot。 The more internship experience, the more people who know, practice time will find easier。
"Internship experience, face the challenges of the workplace to get internship opportunities, in terms of just the first step for overseas students internship experience, into the real workplace environment to work, began to truly challenge。
Zhang Qichen in the internship process, once went to the shooting scene, the scene of the data as an administrator, she needs to stay in the field all day。
Exposure a few days in the August sun, her arms on the sun off the skin。 But can experience the production process of the film, the crew experience in a team to complete a work of feeling, all this made her feel quite worth their pay。 Zhao Yu in New York during the internship also encountered many challenges。 Because it is a sophomore, still lacking in terms of professional knowledge, and therefore can not easily get started work beginning。
Therefore, during the internship, he used his spare time catching up expertise in analytical modeling。 At the same time, his language skills are also being challenged。
Because in the work environment, in addition to daily communication language, many professional vocabulary and expressions are unique to this industry, and it is no previous contact with the。
"As a fan, I can be just like living in paradise team work to overcome these difficulties are not a problem。
"Lu Yu then studied at the University of Miami Sports Management。
Internship he found during operations abroad is the official Weibo account and Chinese website for the Miami Heat basketball team。 Because other Americans sectors except fast rate of speech, but also talk about some slang when speaking, so in the adaptation and integration into the team, Lu Yu then faced with a great challenge。
By listening carefully, boldly ask, humbly learn, eventually Lu Yu then slowly adapted to the pace of work。 General Secretary Xi Jinping real knot, a bridge leading to workplace training is a process put theory into practice, as well as students from the campus of the transition into the workplace essential link。 "Paper come Zhongjue know this practice is essential", such as some overseas students can grasp the basic internship opportunities will be thinking and summarize study experience and practice the process, together, will be entering the job market in the future and lay。
Zhang Lu Yuan studying forensic accounting at the University of times Mao Park Heights Britain, and the accounting profession in great need to improve their professional skills through internships。
However, due to Portsmouth times it is a port, not as many companies in London, so the limited opportunities offered internships。 So, she chose to return home, an accounting firm in the domestic practice。
During the internship, she has been greatly improved in terms of audit and accounting practices。
Zhang Lu Yuan said: "The school is a purely theoretical study, after accounting firms to practice before they feel progress in the field of practice, career planning for the future and more clear。 "Zhao Yu said:" Now, whether it is to find a job in the United States or return to employment, employers are valued experience seekers。
The more internship experience, the more bonus points。
Strive for internship opportunities, is to enhance their competitiveness in the future when job。
Now more and more returnees, domestic competition increasing pressure。
Since the decision to return home after graduation to development, then, we must learn as much as possible before returning home to some of the feelings of some multi strive to lay the basis of professional internships, enhance competitiveness, make yourself go in the future career path of some smoothly。
"(Editor: Fan Fei, Xu snow。