And the old clock Goes

Dear old bell: Exhibition Principal!    I can imagine, when you see this heading, you smooth it with strict known second hand, because of unbearable and do nothing but shake it.    Of course, serious and calm you will not allow yourself to work out a trace of mistake.    Say you are “old clock”, in fact, you are not old.You can also just five years ago that replaced the retired old comrades and boarded a wall in the living room that only jobs.That is until now, you just have to accompany me five years.    Five, colorful, changing five years.Nightlife net hard for me to describe your looks.You are the most common, but also the most sophisticated.Outside your clock face is pale golden around edges, seemingly simple, but in reality seductive; every one of your figures are rounded lovely; your second hand, minute and hour hands are the most common kind, but each goes away was calm and gentle.    Not much to say, I know you do not like too much praise.    Do you remember when you had just been sent, I have not childish off, take the adults did not pay attention when you watched over and over.Then I think Hello heavy ah!A heavy bell.Why so heavy ah Chung?    Because your hearts are filled with “time” yet?    If you remember, I often sat on the sofa across from you reading, sometimes with music.Now I think about it I was very proud of.I listen to music while reading is pure, presumably the cold and you satisfied with this.I watched, I occasionally looked up at the time, then no longer move does not open the eyes.Hey, why not go it second hand?Why do people seem to pop out of the time it..Until I finally discovered that in fact you have been calmly walked.    Do you remember the third year that year May 22, I invite the whole class almost half of the students come home Qingsheng.That day, we all get together, everyone regarded my house to play over and over.I was wearing a small crown birthday, holding a lot of gifts, spring brilliant smile face.Those who simply happy times.You have to look in the eyes of silence, the silence you would like to have those innocent and lively children do?    If you remember, when my vision gradually decline, your, image blurring, I become flustered.I have repeatedly stood before the sofa, trying to see you, you have clear memories of scale, but also can not see how.This kind of pain and sorrow and grief, only personal experience to know.    Do you remember, was troubled by my clock face problems in mathematics, has single-handedly took the scratch paper, sitting on the couch, hands far in your circle clock face painting, near collapse.I think, even if you are stern, such as mathematics will know nothing about me laugh incessantly.    But you will see my frustration right?When you see the “painting” finish clock face I tired to lie on the table, sighing.    In the company of you, old clock, I have gone through this nostalgic five years.    I do not know in the end you do not hate me?After all, you’re a guy who never made mistakes.And I am so abruptly, a lot of defects.    Yes, it is like that.After it possible that you are reading this letter, it will produce a little, even a little, it touched emotions?    Finally, the old clock, good night!    - a lot of things people say