And of Books

Part one: the book as partners in life, I prefer a quiet person, always around there is not much fooling around with friends, so in a lot of free time, the book has become indispensable in my life partner.  Book and become friends, is a long period of time, then in elementary school, and often I like to read some of the writing, get a new writing books, be sure to preview, even when walking, not sparing.Junior high school when I like to read folk tales and short stories, but to the high school seems to be fond of essays and novels.Perhaps the books are like friends accompanied by growing it yourself!  Along the way, I look back, only to find himself many years the greatest pleasure is to study, because I kind of found the book often feels bosom friend, when it is happy to share with it soothes the pain when.Even if there is another big unhappy, as long as there is a bosom friend as partners, we can easily all the way, all the way to laughter the way.Book to friends, let me forget the sorrow, with great joy.  Reading a book, often the same breath with the characters in the book, a common fate, sad Lele’s book, the book of grief, even a sense of feeling in the book, the book of anger anger.Sometimes see themselves as the hero of the book, accompanied by the text line by line, to love, to hate, to say, do.Sometimes outraged, sometimes grief, from the book out.Book cover hurried attempt to escape, they are are intoxicated and never retreat.  As long as there is a feeling, whether it is a tree perched quietly read when reading, or reading in bed lazily, have unlimited fun, the kind of mood, would meet, and that the chamber atmosphere, is not only upright positive sits at his desk to be reflected in the.  There are articles that “reading those, in fact, deeply read by means of reading their own,” then I say: the book and become friends, the book has become the sustenance of my heart; I will become a wilderness thoughts; they become my motivation strength, has become my sailing navigation.  - life with the book as partners.    Part II: the book as partners since ancient times, “the book house of gold”, “book fair lady”.A solitary, Hongxiutianxiang, it is a beautiful picture of how.  No color colorful world, beyond the hustle and feasting, a man with the book as partners, and never betray the book, not publicity, not impetuous, in summer, in a cup of green tea, pleasant fragrance, in winter, a small stove, warm heart warm lungs: holding a book, willing to sit in a small room, accompanied by a cup of tea cigarette curl, travel the world in the book, along with Xin Jing swaying, share contented and intoxicated, impetuous society is not aware of.  With the book as partners, to penetrate the night walking in the tunnel of time, picking up shiny shells in the history of the river bed, may wings in space, enjoy the novelty and charm of the sky, it can also drift to the future world of magnificent dream – the night sitting scholarly network, a mood, accompanied by soft lighting, troop movements out the shelf like a point, reach the eyes of the instant type, the share of rain landing gentle breeze share be comfortable, or is it waves surging heroic, straight fill the hungry heart, happiness satisfaction they came over reading a book, it is a noble and talking to people, it has both a celebration of the *, there flogging of false evil ugly, but it is also too many insights precipitation and summary.Reading a book, it is a mirror of life, self-improvement.In this world, unless saint, who without any selfishness,?Who has not at fault and the lack of?The book back to you selflessly rendered the wisdom of philosophers, let us beat up like a punch in the wake cloudy, the improvement in the rough, but also like the storm gives some baptism, and suddenly it is a new life intolerable shame or conscience They found, or bodiless also thin as a skeleton to Buddha.Who does not like a book, like the cost of seeking such advice to us?  The hustle and bustle, I, plus a book with a calm heart can be blocked, regardless of how the chaotic outside world, to ignore the merits of others, is not true of false fairly short.Yunjuanyunshu any outside alone sit and watch the situation from.  Try and as partners, there are books to read lamps have lights illuminate the heart, overflowing scholarly side, it is immersed in a garden tiller field garden fresh and comfortable, travelers are wandering in the mountains Okawa depleted human Spring Yuanmin.And of Books.Part Three: Zhou Xia seen with the book as partners in our school contacted several state-owned enterprises, school-enterprise cooperation to enhance the training of workers is in urgent need of some training materials, afternoon, braved drizzling rain, I and a few training department teachers together to Xinhua bookstore textbook selection.Long before the city arrived at the victory four Dongshan Road interchange with the Xinhua Bookstore.He walked a few steps, a new bookstore on the show in front of us.Several teachers in teaching and bookstore salesperson to find out, I feel free to browse them at a bookstore.  Greet on the counter at the door, the eye-catching arrayed just won the Nobel Prize for Literature Mo Yan novel, about a dozen bars.I picked up a “Life and Death fatigue” read a bit, and casual looked very popular “buns”.Next to a high click-through rate of online officialdom novel “number two heads,” I saw the reading end of the price, was printed RMB 58.00 yuan.It seems that a common, but the fiction, in print, Baishangguitai, prices are cheap ah.No wonder more and more online writers, thus get a glimpse, the online version and the real version of the text benefits are still very substantial.  Looking back, I’ve been a long time did not enter a bookstore.I remember secondary school, because the family was poor, and he likes to read, every day after school I should go to the bookstore to rub books to read.At that time the entire city of Yichang also two or three bookstores.Jiefang one, a railway dam, then there are nine dock a.Name bookstore unified title of Chairman Mao handwritten “Xinhua Bookstore” four characters.After the reform and opening up, we can also operate four books, and city after another increase in the number of private bookstore.  A child, in order to maximize the use of their hands held fiction resources, we often see is for the books.Mutual appointment three days or a week and then back to the other books.I remember when I was in elementary school I would like to read novels.Still remember watching the first name of this novel is called “fire”.Later Look at the “Water Margin”, “Journey to the West”, “Three Kingdoms”, “Dream of Red Mansions”; look at Russia’s “Red,” “Resurrection,” “Quiet Flows the Don”, “Anna Karelina” also France Hugo’s “Les Miserables” and other novels.At that time, fashionable vertical version of the book, I feel China’s four classic, Journey to the West and I like the Water Margin, Romance of Three Kingdoms can not read, do not like to see the Dream of Red Mansions.My favorite is the “Count of Monte Cristo”, which was firmly attracted treasure hunters ups and downs of the plot.”Count of Monte Cristo” The main plot the ups and downs, twists and turns, from which they evolved several times to plot, wonderful episode compact, but not overwhelming; the circumstances are not bizarre real life violation.Fiction will lead to the unwinding of several major figures, the first half of the novel the main protagonist was framed after write, how to write back for revenge, context clear, revenge three clues to cross and not messy, just after the confluence maintain a certain independence.Therefore, the “Count of Monte Cristo” is recognized as a model of popular fiction.After the publication of the novel, quickly won the favor of the readers, have been translated into dozens of languages and publishing, it has been made into a film in France and the United States.For over 100 years, this book has countless readers.Especially the final episode of the novel, Count of Monte Cristo great hatred has been reported, he was deeply grateful to God.In his view, he did everything to uphold the will of God.He said: “Now my work is done, my mission terminated.Paris, goodbye!”So, with the adoption of the daughter of Ali Pasha Aidai beyond your reach.Yanjuan reveries, I deeply intoxicated drop the book can be said to be fascinated me the most novel.Simply mesmerized to see.Pengzhu book even hold a meal, there are several mother threatened to burn the book, I fear to lose other people’s books, to ensure that mothers do not read after the meal, and be let that rare book escaped.I was reading addiction, I do not have the book could not eat a meal of rice, over time, has been suffering from stomach problems, pain several times over and over again, after being severely regulated mother, eat not allowed to read, and my stomach is also a miracle well camel.Say it, in that era, like “Dead,” “Count of Monte Cristo,” this book is banned, one hard to find a book, or it was discovered busybodies told the Public Security Bureau, is to be caught up.The end of the Cultural Revolution, when the writers feel fear, are afraid to write fiction, fiction only a handful on the market, in addition to well-known of the awe-inspiring wrote “Sunny”, “Strip” Cultural Revolution has several colors Revolutionary Novels in addition, over and over again it is that few of the model operas, comic books is content.So there have been some manuscripts quietly.Such as “second handshake”, “Girl of the heart” and so on.Manuscripts cohabitation, there are those who arbitrarily compiled Transcription, man-made changes; there are typos copied wrong.I and some of the bookworm is not to refuse, four quest, immersed in these words, remember that our house is still on the waterfront, is a two-storey barrack.Because of frequent power outages, nightly holding a novel I have stayed in the upstairs kerosene, as Mr. Lu Xun said: “hide in small building into a unified, which control the spring and summer and autumn and winter.”Ha ha!  High school graduation countryside, I took a big wooden box, which in addition to a few change of clothes, the mother of a large bottle of specially brewed lard, places are crammed full of fiction.So I carried the wooden box and violin, came to Zhijiang Great Plains, farming during the day, night reading novels, playing the violin in a rice field, but also to get to know and like me like to see his girlfriend novel, we are arguing with “resurrection” in the plot together to discuss classic piece of fiction.Like the strings across the years.Drunk leaving a beautiful cadenza.  The end of the century in 1989, I and several teachers in Yichang, Central China Normal University to learn.Every day at noon and in the afternoon after school, I and a bedroom Liang Hua classmates pushed in front of the Central China Normal University bookstore browsing books, I like the book, I and students to discuss Liang Hua, each bought a book of their choice, then swap look forward to.I remember I once bought a “world’s top ten thinkers,” a book, a classmate Liang Hua recommended to me.By reading this book, I approached Kant, Confucius, Plato, Aristotle, Thomas, Copernicus, Bacon, Newton, Voltaire and Darwin.Fugue sea of books, thousands of years past Note to the heart, wine Ling Xu, rolling sigh hero who in?Wei Lie Feng Gong racking force moving mountains, painting houses to make the curtain, the volume Muyu asakumo; all paid Cangyanlazhao.Won only a few pestle sparse minutes, half the river fishing boat lights, two lines of Qiu Yan, a pillow akishimo!I think the most classic or Hugo’s famous saying: “what the world’s most wide ocean, wider than the ocean is the sky, wider than the sky is the human mind.”During the four summer winter three divisions studying in China, Yichang back every time I go to the foreign language bookstore at Wuchang Street mouth or South commercial buildings, to his daughter choose a few children’s books.Such as “Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales,” “Pen Pen Calligraphy”, etc..These books give growing daughter certainly brought no small help.With the progress of time, the network has entered our lives.All love to read books online search will glance.With the network, and now I even read the novel, but also read it online.On several occasions late at night reading a novel on the Internet, his wife managed to live.No longer afraid to stay up late.Now rarely patronize a bookstore.But decades of bookstore complex, has been deep in my heart drops.  City and Social Council recently organized a lecture reading activities.Our school teachers to Yao Yuhua “with the book as partners, to experience happiness,” launched an extremely rich speech.A few of which I remember: “into the world of scholarly, just like the human mind into the home, show pleasure reading books, life is more than a taste, more than a touch bright, full of life and therefore to life.If the rich life can be used to describe the color, the book is the transmission of colorful water drops; if you can use the vast expanse of the world to describe the book is all the sun shines..He chose the books, my life will be like so vibrant today.Are books, nourish my rough feeling; a book of wisdom I wake up sleeping; is books, lit my cold passion; are books, flying my innocent ideals, I books because ordinary life is wonderful!When I was discouraged frustrated, the book taught me, “spring blossoms”; when I am proud impetuous, the book taught me to “non-weak to Ming, non-quiet no to Zhiyuan”; I used to think, if I a bird, it is the book gave me one pair of invisible wings, so I can stand up after the fall, and inspired me higher!Ever heard of such a sentence: social progress is not that busy, but stop and think about it.I think, for us teachers to be in a long teaching career, experience the happiness of teachers, with the book as partners, with spring.”This passage that caught my deep sympathy drop.  With the book as partners, you will find Hongxiutianxiang feeling.With the book as partners, will not be lonely for life, long years, Red Dust, life with the book as partners, branches mood of life is a way of life, is a piccolo total water used to look at the spring moon, is a pot of cloud liquor happy Encounter, how many things ancient and modern, have to pay jokes.