And natural counterparts

Sleep is not practical day up more gradually, perhaps factors such as age, easily troubled little by unknown things and woke up, woke up to no longer sleep.Dark, eyes closed and eyes open is the same reason, so carry light reading lamp until robins car Ming..    Tonight is a mosquito infestation, wake up you can never get into the dream, eyes closed several times the number of flocks, have a clear and did not lose, it seems that at night I’m the most responsible shepherd.    Natural biodiversity and human survival the same breath, both beneficial insect pests, and all human beings to enjoy the same blue sky, or rolling of the rainy season.When it comes to mosquitoes, was undoubtedly a product of nature, due to humid climate, where mosquitoes breed naturally rich, as long as it does not carefully on a pro is difficult by extreme itching and annoying to the terrible pain.If the face is a face, a red dot to muster a half months will naturally subside, any foundation makeup can not hide.From here, it has been a long protracted war with the mosquitoes name.I remember the first time come here to play, and that was the end of November 1997 period, the home has already conform to the season into late autumn, while still summer sun is shining here, living in a hotel at night, he wanted to talk about was the mosquito unbridled attack.After the family moved to lift the consequent, but forged a bond with mosquitoes.    Mosquitoes here to three hundred forty-five month after the Spring Festival majority.The more the summer, the higher the temperature the less mosquitoes, seven hundred eighty-nine October belong to a minimum of mosquito season.Presumably humid climate of seasons mosquitoes also soaring, and high temperatures for months because of dry climate and less of a breeding ground for mosquitoes.To combat mosquitoes from attack after another we used various ways to kill mosquitoes mall sold: mosquito coils mosquito water mosquito insecticide tablets, as well as the most advanced and more environmentally-friendly mosquito swatter, in fact, the most effective thing nets.Night to put a mosquito net, as if to hide in a secluded paradise, whether it be thousands of mosquitoes, and I shall sleep peacefully.The mall here has brought together a variety of mosquito nets styles: what luxury style palace concise style, there is also a switch on the bedside from a circular nets hoisted above the middle of the bed one click to open the automatic nets is now the most popular is a three-door type landing legs.Color is colorful, light purple sky blue light yellow light green price from a few thousand to tens of dollars.    I thought the story a dozen layers can be removed from the problems of mosquitoes, it also has a shrewd mind who knows the nature of biological.Every time the elevator opened, the mosquitoes came in just like homeopathy, even thirty layers of high-rise buildings are not immune.Xu is close to the sea’s sake, plus garden of lush vegetation, is rampant mosquitoes rampant, although the district’s anti-mosquito operations several times a week, or difficult to remove this natural pest.    Husband this trip to Taiwan, brought back two drugs, are all good medicine against mosquitoes.Is a white cream, the other is white oil mosquito horrifying, equivalent to the domestic water repellent and wind spirits, who knows the effect is surprisingly good, it is said Taiwan medicines more famous, it seems quite true.    Stop writing this article, the big bright sky, think there is a friend invitation today, stop here.Lack of sleep, and perhaps the addition of a less shiny surface wrinkles, think completed a text, a little comfort.