And my heart there is a sense of moving

Sometimes, always I felt wherever a person is struggling.A person to see the flowers bloom, the seasons go.    Sometimes, it has been that lonely, helpless suffering with me.A person face all sorts of ups and downs in life, I think this is one of the world.    However, when I go out of their humble and self-esteem, see the flower garden, fruit of their labor.The outside world is so beautiful.    For the first time into the world of the novel, only to find that they are so ignorant, so behind in today’s society.I have not heard the words’ve seen, have appeared in the novel’s world.There only can be described as a large pool of people, a chapter outstanding works stand out so.And my heart there is a strange move, but also a sense of awe.    I have taken the very first house in the heart of the world, to be infected with a new kind of literature, also learned a lot of things have been lacking.One outstanding small authors, literary accomplishment in its own right, wrote one good work, regardless of the language or the plot coinage, we have shown a writer of literary skills, my strange enough, stumped no words to express the feeling.    A person’s spiritual world is so colorful, learned to write with his own inner world, to share with people who love literature, it is a pleasure, but also a perception, but also a deeply appreciate.No matter what type of subject matter which one, can be seen between the lines and read the author’s inner world.From the real world to find the missing, to make up for gaps, so life will be enriched, gradually tend to perfection.    Although the novel is mostly fictional world, but also from life.Although the novel has adverse involved, but there are some amazing works of outstanding.Those are spliced with one of the minor characters up, and there are some segments did not have to speak, and finally slowly accumulate into thousands of words, it is required how much perseverance and determination.All the hard work and sweat to flow into between the lines, also remain in the computer keyboard, waiting for the intentions of taste and experience of the reader.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) This is a move that I began to write the novel from the beginning.Before looking at the cold text, no feelings, just a rough and blunt over from the front.When I tried desperately name of the computer keyboard, to know how hard it is.Every word come with labor, is also the author of effort.At that moment, I was really touched.    Perseverance, determination, ideas, sending the writers desperately trying to write a work; fans, recommendations, clicks, and promoter of writers continue to do well, it will not disappoint readers of heart.With power, has also been pressure.    Readers will read works in every part of the author’s emotions, there is always a role is the author, there are always a character belonging to the reader.    With the heart, slowly realize, life is just like writing the same text, is always a word game, see see how you arrange, organize, to spell out the perfect life.