And make every effort to do what

Many times, when we accept the task, always said best effort; in times of difficulties, always told myself to do what it.In fact, trying to say is, my heart would have been afraid of difficulties, just do what only a perfunctory. At any time, the leadership can not arrange any work according to each person’s specific ability to very small, they can not take care of the very comprehensive, large work is done by force, so when accepting the work, if the statement is certainly heart will think, impossible not to consider the difficulties mouth position: determined to complete.This is the people’s “sophistication”, which answer best effort is a natural expression of the heart. We can forgive this, but can not forgive this practice.In the best effort can not do anything, even to make every effort, it is impossible to accomplish one hundred percent, but we make every effort to work is the highest level to be achieved, if everyone can do that, then we even I do not perfect it with a clear conscience, and leadership will be satisfied. Any job is a certain difficulty, in accepting the task must be to think of it, considering the difficulties of existence should be, but was scared difficulty is absolutely impossible.As the old saying goes: Nothing is long as you try very hard, you can achieve anything.This requires us to establish confidence, defy difficulties in strategic, tactical importance difficulties, not when there are chances of the heart, one hundred percent effort, I think the chances of success are not to be missed. Think of the difficulties, face difficulties to overcome difficulties and solve problems, to complete the tasks of the process, in fact, a psychological process of self-struggle.In the course of the struggle, it is sometimes difficult just like the pre-dawn darkness, just bite the bullet and do everything we can through our darkest moment, the dawn will break in the clouds and.